A merchant's wife, no different from any other, wandered home the night after the Feast. She had a successful day, making a fair sum of money for all her late husband's wares, and only returning to her home with a small inventory to pack away for the next day’s trip into the proper. Her husband would surely have been proud of her work today, for it could pay for a proper burial and feed their children for a month! This was her break from the troubles that had just recently befallen her family and surely was a sign of a light breaking through the clouded days prior.

She walked home in the cool, still air of the encroaching fall weather, meandering home on her husband's usual route. Crime had dropped recently, so she wasn’t so worried about any bandits coming for her or her money. The nocturnal creatures scurried about along the treeline, avoiding any civilized life that would cross by their domain, and so the noise of scuttling creatures didn’t bother the woman all too much.

The time spent in the proper during the Baron's great Feast was harrowing, but she always looked to the heroes that populated the Barony as a net of safety. Anything that resounded from the woods was staved off by the knowledge that those same heroes were always there to protect her and many others from harm; always doing the best job they can to make the barony a better place. This gave her solace, knowing that she could walk these roads and someone, somewhere was being vigilant against the dangers in the dark; someone was avenging the evils that would separate families and burn homes.

The merchant's wife carried on along the road, forging her way home, knowing the monster that killed her husband was slain and her husband avenged. She went home that night to tell her children of great heroes and wondrous deeds, hoping one day, they too could grow up to be the heroes that stand against the monsters in the dark.


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