Father Lazarus finished handing out the last of the belongings he had collected since joining up with The New Dawn.  He wanted to travel light and saw no reason in keeping much of it, but this also gave him a great chance to exercise compassion for those in need of such material goods.  Compassion and creation were the two aspects of life that he focused on as an aspect priest of the church of Visagalis.  In recent days he had found himself and his church at odds with the New Dawn. It was a great opportunity at the time and he did not regret the good work they had done together; yet the times where changing and he could feel it all around him.  The New Dawn was finally settling down and establishing their own kingdom, many had said that this was the reasonable conclusion to their campaign, but for Lazarus it changed much. While the religion he helped to lead was still finding its place in life he had always envisioned that individuality to each of its members was key, and settling down would have an effect of conjoining them into something different.  It did not help that a few months ago an incident caused a vehement argument with some of the New Dawns leadership and their relationship had ever since felt estranged.  The final decision to leave came just a few nights ago when his mysterious friend Joshua told him he was leaving for good.  Bags in hand, he refused to elaborate on why, but seemed adamant that his time with the group had run its course and was now at an end.  He could not help but feel the same was true for his church, and so yesterday he announced to all followers of Visagalis his plans to leave the next day. Most of the ordained clergy would follow lead and had spent the last day saying their goodbyes and packing as well.  There were many of them, and this mass exodus would not go unnoticed, but it was right thing to do for his flock, and he was not only at peace but even excited for the future…

*     *     *     *     *

Royal Letter from the Kingdom of Kormyre


Subjects of Travance,
The Kingdom of Kormyre has recently been approached by the Council of Twelve from the Nation of Tamaria, formerly known as the New Dawn. This new nation has recently settled in the lands formerly held by the extinct Kingdom of Valeria and is to the east of Travance.

The Nation of Tamaria has written the Kingdom and proclaims that as your new neighbors, they wish to help dispel the negative perception that may surround some of the actions taken by the Barony since the destruction of the demons Xualla and Balfurous.  They have proposed to hold a mock trial in Travance to allow members of the Barony to speak to these actions and “set the record straight”, as it were.  

The Kingdom of Kormyre has tentatively agreed to these proceedings and is sending its representative, Lady Anabel Sawyer to oversee the hearing with the understanding that it will benefit the people, the Barony of Travance and ultimately the Kingdom of Kormyre.

The envoy will meet with your Nobility on Friday evening and the trial will begin Saturday at 12 noon in the Dragon’s Claw Inn.  The Kingdom does hereby decree that every Noble as well as all subjects who may have any experiences or knowledge with any of the topics below attend the hearing and be prepared to give testimony.

A preliminary list of topics to be heard is below, but we encourage our subjects to be prepared to testify on anything brought forward.

•          Alliance with the dark lands of Evernight

•          Alliance with the Lich Lord Fallow

•          Siding with the Dark Fey Corsair and subsequently returning him to life

•          Extensive Time Travel and procurement of artifacts from differing timelines

•          Destruction of the Time Reaver 

•          The release of “the beast”, called Icarus, from an unknown lab

Lady Sawyer will arrive not only to represent the King’s Court, but also to stand firmly with and assist the Heroes of Travance.  The Kingdom of Kormyre fully realizes the unique dynamic that surrounds the Barony of Travance.  The Heroes who reside within have saved both the Kings interests and the interests of all mankind time and time again.  The King and all of his representatives stand firmly with the heroes of Travance, as should all just and righteous defenders of humanity. 

His Royal Majesty
Aleric Nostrove

*     *     *     *     *

In an old hut on the edge of Travance a few wind chimes begin to rattle. An old crone looks upon the fetishes and spits behind her in the way those who follow strange superstitions do. She mutters about something wicked coming. The crone grabs a sturdy stick from the edge of her hut takes a deep smell of the air. With a face of disgust she says to no one at all, "They are coming soon." She heads toward Travance staff clasped in hand.


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