The Tamarian army returned to their new home from the border of Travance, foot worn and slightly singed. Many were tired and injured but not from battling their intended adversary, instead they had been beset upon by a hoard of fire demons. For the most part, the soldiers looked forward to returning to their new homes and settling in for the winter. Whether they agreed with the Council about going to War with Travance or not, all were ready to see the end of marching and fighting for at least the coldest months; for they knew that in the Spring the marching could very well begin again.

*     *     *     *     *

The Ministers gathered in the main chamber to discuss the situation with Travance. Each sat in their assigned chair and after attendance was recorded Thomasina, the Minister of Information, began. "Ministers, as you know, Sir Garth and I met with two of their representatives Saturday evening. They offered nothing to us in order to comply with our request, nor did they bring our men that were captured. In my opinion, had those demons not appeared, we would have met them on the field of battle and would be accepting their surrender at this moment."

Sir Garth, the stalwart knight pleaded with the council, still sore from the earlier battle. "Lord Weaveforger and Seneschal Maxwell complied with the parlay with the proper honor and dignity of their stations. I do believe Minister Thomasina, that with proper negotiations they would have come to agree with our views,”

Thomasina stood from her chair and walked the perimeter of the room, "Sir, with your own ears you heard how they were completely unwilling to even discuss the events that had transpired during the trial. Why do you believe they would have ‘come to agree’? They are obviously unwilling to admit any possible venality or wrongdoing - much less atone for it. I just do not see conciliation forthcoming."

"Minister Thomasina, you do make a valid point," Sir Garth said reluctantly shaking his head, "I believe the best course of action is to take this to a vote, I may not have swayed you but the other ministers may have heard the same truth I speak."

With a smile, Thomasina turns to the Prime Minister, "Minister Revan, I second the motion. Please call the vote."

*     *     *     *     *

Boarzhu Vescor and Aepzhu Abolefacio, battered by the relentless persistence of the heroes of Travance to send them back to the Abyss, reluctantly returned to their master’s court. They approached warily; unsure in what mood they would find their Lord. As they approached and knelt the imposing figure sitting on the flaming throne looked disappointed in its Abyssal Legionnaires. He was so close to finding Her and now this setback. The two before him failed to locate Her and the third, Batzhu Strepitus, was nowhere to be found on the Prime Material plane nor in the Abyss. More troublesome was that the piece of his mantle granted to the Legionnaire was…missing. It should have returned to him if the demon was destroyed but as of yet it had not. Dismissing his Legionnaires, he began to formulate a new course of action. If his enemies were determined to worm their way closer to his throne, he would push back even harder than before.



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