The evening of the final battle with Icarus

A door slams leaving Alexander Heimdell, “The Father” sitting alone at his dining room table, designed to seat nine, now he sits at its head alone. He sets a small stone on the table, it sits absorbing the words he speaks, holding them for you to hear one day. “Forgive me for what I have done, I have never been a man of faith, but if I believed the gods strong enough to stop her, I would pray to them with everything I have. She has become too strong, too smart, too ambitious for her own good, and too hungry to stop. I know this is my fault, I brought them into this world, I brought HER into this world, yet they were never meant to be part of this experiment… No, this war I started my perfect children, was designed to be my legacy, the one part of good I left behind, even her… I’ve known for months how to end this, how to save their lives, and my own, yet I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I can not kill my own daughter… I will give you the information, and the tools to destroy a homunculus of such power, what you do with it, what you do from there… it is entirely up to you”

*     *     *     *     *

One Week Earlier - Homunculus City

Belberith looked at the group before him, preparing for their march to Travance, Lilith, Gemora, Ineydia, and himself, perfect homunculus following what were designed to be lesser creations known as “the Brothers”. If you had told this to him a year prior, he never would have believed it. Cinnamon tugged on Belberiths’s arm Valius was about to begin speaking.

 Valius stepped in front of his troops, amongst them were four creatures designed to be perfect. To Valius’ left stood His brother’s Ludwig, Bartholomew, and Brutus. To his right Jack Duo, the Imperfect known as Prometheus, and The Human Lawrence.

Valius cleared his throat and began speaking “Once again we march to
 Travance, to stand behind the humans who saved us, who freed us, yet again to aid them against the machinations of our creator. Yet we will not go to war with the Father.” Valius spoke above the murmurs in the crowd “To stop the beast known as Icarus, we must instead work alongside him.” 

Valius Prepared himself for the question he knew he would be asked...

*     *     *     *     *

Undisclosed location in the deserts of Amon’zad

“Why exactly are we going along with his plans” the now incomplete Able asked sounding almost lost. 

Lazarus looked at his brother with some concern. It was only a few months ago, Able would believe every word the father spoke.

Lazarus opened his mouth to speak “You see Able…”

*     *     *     *     *

Travance Ostcliff

“We are working with them and protecting them because Icarus is too strong to stop on our own, lest you forget the last time we tried” Alexander spoke to Eden and Gilgimesh, setting his trail of flawed creations for Icarus to devour and follow into the trap Travance has laid. 

Eden scoffed, “You make yet ANOTHER creation you can’t control, so you call upon your wayward children, and a group of Humans?”

Gilgamesh eyed Eden preparing his rebuttal, but their father cut them off. “Do not forget, these humans are responsible for all the changes to our plans, for stopping the nulls, and for making you so powerful. If anyone has a chance of stopping Icarus it’s them… Can I trust both of you to handle this, there is one last thing I have to do”

*     *     *     *     *

Travance Proper

Heimdell appeared in a flash of alchemical light, his guest beside him. The proper was eerily quiet, the guard had done a fantastic job escorting civilians to safety, and Heimdell himself had made certain his creations were keeping some of the more bothersome monsters at bay… the people of Travance had earned this. They deserve a week of rest before Icarus arrives. He quickly brought his attention back to his guest. “I trust that you are going to inform Travance on our discoveries Regarding Icarus, Dr. Tobias”


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