It wasn’t long after the battle between Travance and New Galderan that the dignitaries started on their separate ways home. However they watched the proper fade from view, whether from the stern of a ship, the back of a wagon, the frame of a portal, or simply on foot along the winding road, they looked back fondly. Those who cast doubt now stood corrected, and on their journeys home dreamed of bold new schemes, harnessing the impossible might and wild personae of the heroes of Travance.

*     *     *     *     *

For many weeks after, the courts and hamlets of Kormyre thrummed with energy, out of hope and apprehension. What new thoughts would ensue from this joining of worlds? While nobles and urchins alike scramble for answers, the agents of a scorned nation bide their time. Reports of the failed attack only now reach the ears of New Galdaron’s generals. Councils will meet to decide a new course of action, an answer to this nascent alliance of elves, dwarves, and the many human empires. Should they bolster their ranks with desperate new powers, or seek new allies themselves?


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