Many years ago Veren’ves Thoran passed away surrounded by his family and loved ones, saving the two he cherished and missed most. The granddaughters that had vanished, along with the tower they called home, some sixty years before.

He had spent many years and much of his life dedicated to finding them but age and mortality eventually crept up on even him. Arriving for Judgement, the ancient elf bade Galladel to grant him one request. Veren’ves would not accept his final rest until he could be joined by his beloved granddaughters, Illthan’ves and Faruln. The God agreed, and time passed.

In Travance, the tower overlooking the Bay of Lune was remade. Each brush stroke creating a world within a world. A world created by the heroes of Travance, who had put a bit of themselves into every tiny detail, and made it a home.

Veren’ves waited on the tower’s steps, a small black cat rubbing against his legs. His God stood beside him. A frame appeared before him, showing the worried faces of strangers. With a gentle nudge, Galladel urged him forward. Stepping up to the frame, he called to his grandchildren who grasped his hands with unbridled delight. The three figures ascended the steps to the building, looking out over their new home and smiled as the painting back in Travance slowly reverted to a simple image. A family reunited in a living painted world, forever to remain.


*     *     *     *     *

The spell cage that contained the inert paint thrummed quietly with magical energy. The liquid inside sloshed gently within the container, no longer able to hold even a simple shape. Day by day its residual power drains away, the physical plane forever safe from Faruln’s well meaning paint.

But a secret once learned cannot be unlearned. We can only hope no one tries to recreate her mistake.


Paint Sorceress


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