Fellika Malkavon stood atop a cliff overlooking a village with an impressive keep at its center. Howling wind clawed at her cloak, threatening to expose her small frame to the frigid air. Blustery and full of ice, the ever-present storm raged around her, but she didn’t seem to care; she was too lost in her nostalgic thoughts. But no, this wasn’t the Winterdark she remembered. It wasn’t the place she used to call her home - that place vanished when the Kingdom robbed her of her familial lands and granted them to Sebastian Everest

Sebastian… that was a name she had grown to despise. Tightening her grip on the dark tome she held in front of her, her eyes locked on its abyssal text. “Drog a’katha lanti… Draca visel shoket!” With her foul chants, the air around her grew still; the snow pausing in midair and her hair no longer disturbed by the wind as she brushed it out of her face. With a wave of her hand, a sound like the cracking of ice echoed through the valley. A black portal, swirling and sinister, ripped itself open above the Black Keep.

Fellika exhaled, the atmosphere returning to normal around her - or at least as normal as it could be, given the dark gateway overlooking her location. Closing her tome with a dull thud, she opened a far more typical portal and stepped through to another place; a land far warmer than the frozen valleys of Winterdark. Shedding her cloak into some extradimensional space, she gazed over her surroundings. This was Travance, Everest’s other fiefdom. She set her sights on the Dragon’s Claw tavern, full of life at this time of night, and opened her tome to the same page as before.

“You took everything from me, Everest,” she whispered. “So I will take everything from you. Drog a’katha lanti… Draca visel shoket!”


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