Subjects of Travance,

It has been long since the name Malkavon had rang through my ears, and to hear that the daugher of the late Baron still lived was disparaging.  However, your tenacity continues to bring stability and hope to these lands.

On the 26th of August, Fellika, daughter of Baron Trevor Malkavon -- the one who fled the royal guard after she murdered her whole family to attempt to claim the Barony of Arkovnia for herself -- was found and finally brought to justice by your very hands.

The noble sacrifice of William Sterling and Dimitri Yhatzi who manually triggered the bombs that destroyed her and her tower will not be forgotten.  Let them be recognized as heroes!

The bounty placed on her head 10 years ago has been divided among the heroes who stood to see her defeat during this feast.  Take time and rejoice.  An old enemy of the kingdom has been slain, never to threaten these borders again.


My Will be Done,

Count Sebastian Everest
Count of Winterdark,
Earl of the Marches



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