Two men of giant stature sit in a room, mirror images the two ponder, plan, and converse with one another

“Alright, so let’s go through the steps. We are able to create homunculi bodies after removing melatonin and bind them to a soul.”

“Correct and we were able to strengthen their physical attributes slightly as well.”

“So now we need to create a self-aware version, such as the Brothers. In order to do so, we need to restructure the composition of the souls we are using in order to manifest something more than the simple consciousness we currently can provide.”

“Alright, so by looking at the existing sample size, we have several different options. Cinnamon was made up of an already self-aware soul, but that was done by inserting her brain into the blank flesh.”

“Correct, and Vallius and the brothers were done by structuring the alchemical soul to form their personality.”

“So if we want to create a new True Homunculi, then we would need to alter the alchemical soul formula to manifest the specific traits. After examining souls it seems that specific structures must be met and certain chains cannot form without some sort of repercussions.”

“Perhaps Father’s attempts to break those chains resulted in some of the Imperfects. A thought for another day.”

“Shall we gather the ingredients and structure a soul?”

“So, you can be in two places at once now Belberith?” A third voice speaks up, a Pale woman with striking features Bel’s sister Lillith

The two voices speak in unison “Yes a byproduct of my attempts to create new Homunculus, i have figured how to copy myself, though they admittedly don't last very long, a month at most before they fade, and with them a piece of me… that is if i do not reabsorb them”

“Regardless, we need to get going it’s almost time for the delegation”

One man Stands putting on a jacket, while the other stays seated writing out calculations he pauses briefly only to speak “You go, i'll stay and continue working on this, you can re-absorb me when you return, i have weeks before i expire. Right now I need to figure this out, if our Race is to have a Future”

Yo-Yo looked around, a dark lab her arms and legs strapped to an operating table, she couldn't count the number of times she had been cut open and healed. She closed her eyes suddenly hearing a voice. Her sister's voice. Eden

“The hunger and wish to spread of Icarus, The increasing power of Prometheus, and The Infectious insanity of Yo-Yo… what a wonderful Patient Zero you will be… little sister.”


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