Gilgamesh walked into a lavish hall. His sister Eden sat in a lavish throne looking quite pleased with herself. Gilgamesh took a knee before speaking “It seems you were successful?”


Eden let out a laugh before speaking. “Wildly so, the Humans were so busy, trying to save their own skin, and our poor insane sister, that I don't think they even noticed what i was doing.” Eden paused briefly, she was almost disappointed with the questions she was asked “why are you doing this? A Virus makes a terrible experiment? Something so easily fixed is far beneath you” She wondered to herself, “did no one truly figure realize it was purely a distraction… Disappointing”


“The only have Belberith, Lilith, Gemora, and Ineyedia left, still enough to cause a problem…” Gilgamesh spoke interrupting her thoughts.


Eden cut Gilgamesh off “They have one more thing, don't they?” Eden looked at Gilgamesh annoyed “My phylactery. Why do they have it?”

Gilgamesh stood smirked and met Edens eye’s. Eden didn’t fail to notice Gilgamesh’s hand travel to the hilt of his sword. “Simple, If you win I’m your faithful General and I Survive. If Bel, and the humans win, i gave them the means to keep you down I Survive.” And with that Gilgamesh turned around excusing himself from the room.


Eden let out another Laugh at this “Really? Were you this Loyal to our father? So willing to throw your hat in with HUMANS if things went south, fighting for him unless there was a threat?”


Gilgamesh swiftly turned around, his face filled with anger, eyes sharp as daggers, his voice venom enough to shake even the All Mighty Eden “You are NO Father!” and with that statement, both of their composure returned to normal and gilgamesh left.


For a brief moment Eden tossed around the idea of just killing him now and being done with it, but no for the time being he would fight the humans for her, and in the end he would join her side willingly or otherwise, just like the rest of her family…

 *     *     *     *     *


Gemora and Ineyeda faced off against one another in a large hall, both wielding sword and shield, Travance had done something, changed them… now they would test the limits of their new powers

A parry and a thrust and one twin spoke “First our father, then Lazarus, and Finally Able. It’s Obvious Eden is removing any of us that could threaten her plans…”


Shields clashed both twins swung at the others head, both twins ducked, the other twin spoke “but the methods in which she does it, absorbing them…”


Both twins had moved to fighting on chandeliers at this point, as the first twin finished the thought “she is not only removing threats, but gaining great deals of power in the process”


They both made their way back to the ground rushing one another, as Gemora spoke “I feel we are next”


Ineyedia “I concur”

Gemora “We are stronger now”


Ineyedia “that we are


Their Blades locked, the truth was out and they knew they were next, yet the twins were anything but afraid. They both knew they were as good as dead

Gemora spoke “When she comes for us we will be ready.. “


Ineyedia replied “ Then i swear if we are both to face our end...”


Their blades clashed one final time and with a flash of light GEMora and Ineyedia were no more, in the hall stood a single figure its visage changed only when no one viewed it, at one moment looking female, the next male, one moment left handed the next right Finally Gemniey spoke “Then I’ll take the Bitch out myself”

*     *     *     *     * 

100 years later

Adam sat in his home, within Homunculus City, he had been many things in his life, a Son, A councilman, a Citizen of a New Nation, though some of his fondest memories existed outside of his city, in the Town of Travance.


Every Homunculus is to go on a pilgrimage and live in another country before they are allowed to vote, most picked some far away land across the rift, partied with the local races, In the beginning their race was so young, they were a novelty and most often the life of a party. But some picked Homunculus City’s Oldest ally, the Barony responsible for their continued existence, Travance, many returned home eventually but in time, there would be a few who joined their ranks of adventurers. Despite it usually involving them never re integrating with their city’s society, this was considered an Honor among his people, since for the last Century time and time again the two places had saved one another.


Adam, had grown old, he knew he had one night left in him, at best, chilled to the bone, despite it being a mild October, he grabbed his jacket, he was heading out, he would see his Aunt Yo-Yo perform one last time. If he wasn't mistaken, they would be performing the “Opera of of the Battle of Icarus” this performance involved a smaller second stage floating above the first. On the first stage would be the Opera, involving many actors, playing the parts, or his aunts,uncles, father, grandfather, and travancians. And on the second Stage, Yo-Yo would be dancing a ballet to go along with the opera, Playing the Part of the child inside the beast. This was the First play ever written by a Homunculus, and was quite popular with tourists, indeed it was also one of Adam’s Favorites. He smiled and thought to himself as he left his house one final time “A melody from the past, a fitting end to a life well lived”


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