With the last and strongest of the Harbingers, the Lord of Tears, sealed away, those of Travance collectively breathed a sigh of relief. Where the air once felt thick and heavy with the miasmic presence of the Harbingers, now the cold, clear autumn air once again filled peoples' lungs as they sipped hot cider and enjoyed seasonal treats. Some sat in quiet reflection, like Templar Aldric, as he ruminated upon what he saw reflected in the eyes of Rage as he struck it down. Some celebrated, like Swyft, crowing a victory over the being which had haunted her for the last two years. No matter what role played in the defeat of the Harbingers, they were on the minds of all who had experienced their terrible influence.

Tobias Armitage sighed heavily, sitting back in his chair. He had EARNED this brandy, and by thunder he was going to enjoy it. He knew that it was likely that he and his fellow doctors schedule for the next month or three would be filled with the cases of those driven insane by the psychological trauma brought about by the Harbingers, but for now, he would enjoy this small victory. He knew that the mental scars left by the depredations of the Harbingers would linger, but so too would the bonds forged between the heroes. Through shared experiences and trials together through fire, the heroes of Travance emerged stronger, if not in body, then in spirit. It was with this in mind that he sipped at the brandy, feeling its warmth spreading throughout his body as he gazed into the fireplace.

The members of the newly-formed Order of the Centennial Torch sat around a table and nodded solemnly at each other. Immortals, ageless, or just very long-lived, they would be there when the Harbingers once again walked the earth in a hundred years. Plans were made. What they knew of the Harbingers from past accounts provided by the enigmatic hermit scholar Seregor Nagel was corroborated with what they had just experienced so they could forewarn and arm the people threatened by this ancient menace once a century went by. They would warn the others of the horrors that would unfold. They would ensure that this would not happen again. Thanks to the people of Travance, this time they would be ready, and the grandchildren of todays heroes would be prepared. 



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