The Saga of Kalen Maitel

Written by Maga Shadowfall, Court Bard to King Avalon of the Earthen Court

Encroaching Daemons seeking purchase
A scourge to Earthen realm
Avalon King commands his son
Faerie army with Kalen at helm

Great warrior Kalen leads the charge
Though Daemons rip and rend
Unto the realm of Daemon Lord
Abyssal Throne to defend

Blade to blade, well matched are they
Their duel of deadly cost
Overwhelming is Kalen’s might
Daemon Lord’s plight is lost

Yet gravely injured is our Prince
Mortal wound to neck and face
Temptation offered through the blood
Great power to embrace

Now Kalen is the Daemon Lord
But longing for home and kin
Consequence to others be damned
His plan would now begin

Befriend, deceive, attack and flee
His plan did well advance
Take advantage of good will
Thus Kalen used Travance

Yet heroes with the bravest hearts
Do not give in to fear
Through swift action and great deeds
They drew Kalen near

Hard fought battle, slow and tough
Victory finally found
Blooded and bruised on December earth
Kalen’s form and power bound

Then traveled the Heroes bravely forth
Into Abyss to cleanse his soul
Though he resisted with great might
Purification of Kalen, Travance’s goal

Through great effort they did perform
A great and mysterious rite
Chaos drained, Faerie purged
Though he would die that night

Avalon King beheld his son
Tethered his life to his own
Took him far from Chaos door
To speak to him alone

Forgiveness achieved before his death
Long waiting finally done
Tears of loss on Avalon’s face
Conveyed his Prince to home

Let none forget his gloomy fate
Warrior, Prince and son
Succumbed to Abyssal power great
His sad tale is finally done


*     *     *     *     *


Q’aare’zl passed a smooth Stone with the word “Hope” engraved on it gently back and forth between his clawed fingers. Thoughtfully, the Imp gestured to a piece of paper and illusionary script began to flow.


Those foolish mortals let the Succubus, Eris the Frozen Embrace, take the Earth Throne once Kalen was purged of his power. Once that happened, and since Travance was so mean, I decided I would give them to the Jailor. He was looking for something to punish and I would rather have it be those meddlesome mortals than me. But then, some arrogant Argenti somehow used the key to close the portal.

All is not lost, however. Since Eris has formerly been in the service of both you and the Jailor separately, her reign will be an interesting one.

There is much to do Master, I will continue furthering your goals on the prime material until you order me otherwise.

Ever in your Service,
Q’aare’zl the Beguiling Mask”

The script faded as fast as it is written. Then, with a wave of the Londwynian’s hand, the candles in his room went out. Charles Lively stood, pocketed the stone and headed toward the door adjusting his long coat and bowler hat.



Avalon and Kalen




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