The Count sits at his desk as Sylus Crone readies the Psionic amplifier for a task that would stretch its abilities to the absolute limit…. When Sylus indicates that the time is right, Count Everest speaks…


“This is a message to all conscious and sentient beings of the world. I am Count Sebastian Everest of the great Kingdom of Kormyre. If word has not yet reached you, know that our King is dead but our strength and resolve is as strong as it has ever been in the history of our existence!

To our friends, you need fear no interruption or waivering in our dedication to the newly formed Alliance. The Kingdom of Kormyre will remain in strong, stable and capable hands throughout our royal quest and you have our assurances that our new ruler will embrace this Alliance as strongly as I do.  

To our enemies and those opportunists who would believe that now is the time for nefarious plans; know that you would be wrong and we will show no tolerance for your attempts. We are alert and we are ready to strike down those who would dare to act against us! For those intent to try, I hold the keys to the Kormyrian throne room and if you want them you must come to Travance and rip them from my cold hands.  By my side are the legendary Heroes of Travance and a Dragon who cares not for the mortal concepts of Mercy.

To those who wish to join our Alliance you have but to reach out to us with a kind and true hand.  Come to us in friendship and we will protect you from the darkness. Come to us for aid and we will clothe and shelter you. All others can face the cold winter alone...”

*     *     *     *     *

The Count has called a meeting at midnight in the Dragon’s Claw to take place on the night before the Baronial Feast.  Several weeks ago the Count’s spies intercepted intelligence on the first group intent on committing the grave mistake of acting against us. They are a family of sorcerers whose greed for power allowed dark forces to manipulate and taint their hearts and minds. They go by the name “The Coven of the Eldritch Star”. Our spies have already infiltrated their ranks and they are steadily on route for the heroes of Travance to introduce them to a very rude awakening...

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