Even by General Bitebane’s standards, they’ve been making good time. The joint ambassadorial delegation isn’t large enough to cause significant delays, but the Gaaldron sycophant he’s been saddled with has a reputation for dallying. Fortunately, Chancellor Areko’s predilection for ministering to the faithful in the field has been restricted to their contingent. From his vantage point atop his Warg, Bitebane feels a swell of pride. Even the lowliest goblin servants moving through the rank and file are focused and obedient. Truly, his maneuver has the blessing of Enax.

The one advantage of this southern march is the reliability of his messengers. Day and night they come and go from his side, relaying troop orders, supply demands, and reports to his superiors in New Gaaldron. There’s too much to plan, too many small pieces to keep in play to leave without supervision. Confident in the success of his vision, General Bitebane continues to press his troops towards Travance. The sooner this “Trade Deal” is done, the sooner he can return to his true purpose. 

*     *     *     *     *

Chancellor Areko of Gaaldron always enjoys these journeys out into the wilderness to see the other Chosen of Enax. He also takes joy in the speed and reliability of this New Gaaldron host. Their training is a testament to the glory of their God and their nations.

At this rate, they should arrive within the Baronial Proper of Travanace by Friday night. While General Bitebane sends messages back, Chancellor Areko has opted to dispatch his missives ahead to inform Count Everest of their movement and intentions for these negotiations. If Bitebane can manage these talks as well as he handles his soldiers, perhaps New Gaaldron will receive a larger portion of the spoils. Either way, Areko already knows he will take great pleasure in reminding this former “Kingdom” of Enax’s Divine Authority. 


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