The caverns of the Ixarachne grew restless as word spread throughout the people that Shal’ixenthenessa had fallen in battle. With newfound confidence, the insurrection was swift to overtake her remaining supporters. Under the orders of Lady Ariska’vorath — no, Queen Ariska’vorathet, as she continued to remind herself — the loyalists were to be allowed to continue living in the caverns of the Rift, and no harm would come to them as long as they maintained their distance from the subjects of Kormyre.

Looking over her new territory, Queen Ariska’vorathet surveyed her people with pride. Soon, the egg liberated from Shal’ixenthenessa’s tyrannical grip would hatch, and the children would be raised with kindness rather than fear. Acclimating the brood to the ways of Kormyre would be a challenge, yes, but the knowledge that the oppressive ways of the past were over gave Ariska’vorathet great confidence in her people. No longer would innocent lives be sacrificed to further the life of the brood; no longer would slavery and despotism be the driving force behind the success of the upper castes of Ixarachne; no longer would they live in fear of the creatures of the Rift. The heroes of Travance saw to it that Ariska’vorathet’s new brood would have safety and sanctuary as subjects of Kormyre, and that the sun would rise upon their new home every day until the end of days.


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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous Moon
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