Travance itself returned to its rightful spot on the world, the whole ordeal had been surreal even for the Heroes.  Supposedly the gods had returned to their home plane, but whether they did or not was not an easy task to confirm. During the trip home, one of them bumped into a simple looking man in a dark brown cloak who called himself Klarington. One thing this man said seemed to echo in the thoughts of several throughout the journey. “The remnants of the previous age have finally shaken themselves free and fallen to the floor. The fourth age has fully begun, and it is a time for mortals… for heroes…” The man then sat with a few townsfolk and enjoyed a few scenes to bring home with him in his memories before departing.

Travance returned with no further incident. Several of the Heroes of Travance were eager to get on with their lives and return to some semblance of normalcy and routine.  Much to everyone’s pleasure nothing earth shattering had happened in their absence. There were problems for sure, but they were very mortal problems and mortal problems was what the world really needed right now...

The Warden of Kormyre, Count Sebastian Everest, had stayed behind to protect those who could not take the journey. He was pleased to see the heroes and the land he loved so much return whole and under a banner of victory.  He too was eager to see normalcy return, but he had some problems that had occurred, some very mortal problems. One of the advisors who used to advise the deceased King had placed his backing aggressively behind one of the Dukes of Kormyre.  Perhaps the statement by itself it would have not been so alarming, but whispers and rumors have painted the situation very uncomfortably and soon this situation would need to be investigated.

    And then there is the matter of cult now on the run. Necrophitus was in a severely weakened state, bodiless and a fraction of his former self. The Cult of the Arcane Sons however were still very tangible and real and the Count suggests that the Heroes of Travance work quickly to deliver a killing blow to any hopes of a re-birth for this vile spirit.  Quickly the scholars and spies of Travance worked to unearth the identities and locations of several chapters of this cult as the Count ordered that the Gates of Passage be powered up for full use…

*      *      *      *      *

It had been an interesting trip across the Rift this time. Those spider people were quite the challenge, but perseverance and his trusty arquebus won the day yet again. As the now familiar sight of Travance’s Dragon’s Claw Inn came over the horizon, the heroic adventurer paused to wipe the sweat from his brow. Returning his beloved expedition hat to his head, he resumed his march into the Proper. Speaking to no one in particular he announced loudly to the world, “Hello again Travance! I, Reginald T. Scuttlefisk have returned! I hope you’re ready for a smashing good adventure!”



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