“The Society of Benefactors”

Somewhere in Kormyre, a well-dressed man sits at a desk reading a missive.“So, they have captured Ludmilla and wish to ransom her? How very droll. A pity she could not be relied upon to control Eaglemire. And even more of a pity that they could not even make it to the city itself. This Travancian rabble is just full of surprises, isn’t it? Oh I shall enjoy this game.”

The man walks to a window and looks out over a city, taking in the setting sun.

“Crux, we have more loose ends. Tie them up. I expect you to be more effective than the slaver.”A shadow detaches itself from the wall and ghosts out the door of the room.“The first pieces have been moved. They have countered. But now it is my turn again. I WILL have that city. Over their rotting corpses, if necessary.”

“The Perfect World”

Belberith stood over Eden, she was broken… bleeding… years ago he was gifted a piece of brazen by a towns member and for years he held onto it until the moment was right. He could feel its raw power coursing through him… slowly fading, 45 minutes… an hour at best, that's how long this power would hold out. “Its over Eden, you can barely stand, you will answer to them for all that you’ve done” he was confident in his words and victory but something was still wrong… why was Eden smiling 

Bleeding and broken Eden spoke out. “Yes you’re right, its over, but your too late.” 

 The ritual beneath them activated, through the portal a small girl stood, her gown covered in blood, head devoid of hair and the number 07 crossed out on her head, she cried out “Belberith...help … me” as her body began absorbing the grass beneath her feet, every ant, every molecule of life around her was being added to her physical form… and for a brief moment she remembered the towns members who came to visit her, she remembered the necklace she was given, the toys, the clothes, drawing with the town; she took a deep breath and the grass fell from her body. “It’s going to be ok” Icarus thought to herself. Then suddenly something grabbed at her ankle. She felt the pull of absorption, but this time she wasn't pulling it in, it was pulling her!!!A shriek was heard and single beam hit Belberith as his body fell to ash, his soul was now Edens for the taking.

*     *    *     *     *

Eden stood there her island in ruins, her whole family inside of her, the link she needed to gain access to Eodra Obtained, “30 minutes” she thought to herself “This god like power will last for another 30 minutes.” Eden split herself into three. One seeming to appear as Icarus She sent this one ahead to devour any of the angels and devils it may come across, make the gods believe it was a direct assault. Valos, Aguara, Brazen and many of the other gods were making easy work of this issue, but the creature's ability to replicate was causing the task to be more time consuming than expected 

“20 minutes” A second appeared initially as Able, Eden saw that version of herself shifting shapes as it headed off to another part of Eodra. 

“15 Minutes”Eden went for the Gold herself, she stood before Chronicler who was ready for her, what she did not expect was Enax’s blade to be plunged through her chest, as Brazen Stood next to Chronicler. She took a step back regenerated and squared off against the three gods 

“10 Minutes” Eden darted past Enax attempting to lunge at chronicler directly, Chronicler gracefully placed her quill to her book and with a stroke of a pen Edens bones were turned to dust. 

“5 Minutes” Once again Eden began regenerating. She tried to stand but before she could get to her feet another strike from Enax sent her sprawling on the floor.

“1 Minute” Enax Stepped forward to strike the final blow, in the distance he could hear the beast known as Icarus being killed and as he thrust his blade through Eden a final time, her body turned to ash. Almost simultaneously a loud thud was heard behind him as Brazen struck at Chronicler from behind taking her book. He smirked at Enax as his shape changed to Abel, then back to Eden. Enax charge but Eden drew a Quill writing in the book… it was too late she was gone, and Eodra was locked off from Aarwyn.

*     *    *     *     *

Eden split her form again, appearing as her entire family; then she split her form again and again and again. They scattered but only one held the book, she gathered the most exact replica’s of her family and headed towards the only place that had ever come close to stopping her, the place that corrupted her family, poisoned them with their ideas and turned them against her.

*     *    *     *     *

It happened in a single night, every town, every city, every nation destroyed and replaced. Forests burned down and in their place hamlets cropped up, every inch of Arawyn Eden could find was replaced with perfect homes.  They had perfect white picket fences, and perfect families, living about their perfect lives… “every corner Eden could find” that thought stuck with Eden, her vision blurred from time to time, when looking in certain corners of the world, “Belberith… the white sorcery legacy he left behind blinded her to certain things… and it was getting stronger by the second… if this world was to be safe from humanity she would have to hurry” and with that she headed to Travance.

*     *    *     *     *

Few could say how that battle truly turned out that morning. All that is known is that Eden strolled into the proper cutting down and remaking any foolish enough to stand against her. In a last feeble attempt Alexander Heimdell, “The Father of the Homunculus” activated some sort of ritual scattering some of the heroes throughout the world… how many of them survived and who’s left to say?

*     *    *     *     *

Eden sat in a throne undisturbed by onlookers and she continued to write. Utilizing this book had become so taxing she could barely stand, yet she persisted page after page. One thought struck true in her head the entire time. “I’ve done it, I’ve saved this world”


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