Every legend begins somewhere…

You’ve heard of it, right? The Grim Reaper, a specter of death, its imagery is everywhere. It’s seen in magic, faith, folk tales. A walking, robed bag of bones, and with a touch of his boney finger, you’re dead.

Yeah, well, I found him. The real thing… at least I think he is. He might be the first to dress the part, and do whole “murdering countless people thing,” but that doesn’t mean he is necessarily the best. I can think of at least two gods that would probably disagree with him on that.

Regardless, see, I made a deal with the bloke for power... well, made a deal with one of his followers at least. Not my first time making this kinda deal, mind you--I usually am able to back out in a couple of months due to a silver tongue and some quick thinking.

Issue here is he takes power from anyone, deal or not. I take a bit of offense to that; if this bites me in the ass, well I signed up for that gamble. Guy down the corner, runs a butchers shop, he didn’t have that choice; that’s what makes this thing sorta personal for me. I used to buy from that guy every Sunday morning. Made the best sausages outside of Faust.

So then, I’m looking for a way outta my bargain and after looking through my old books, I thought make a deal with an even bigger monster. Travance… now that’s about the biggest monster you can make a deal with. Issue is, Death has got a lot of monsters: vampire’s, wolfmen, mummies. It’s like a best of an All Hallows’ Eve parade.

The plan is simple: get Travance to deal with the baddies, Death becomes corporeal, get Travance to deal with death, I don’t have to feel like shit for siding with these guys anymore, and, as an added bonus, I probably get my soul back.

… Sounds like the boss is back. I should probably run before he realizes I’m raiding his library.


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