Take heed of these laws set down upon the Twenty-Eighth of February of the year 1219.


Intention of laws: people are responsible for the consequences of their actions. If their actions only affect themselves negatively, the law is not concerned with it; the law is only concerned with actions that negatively affect Kormyre or Her Subjects.

Crimes Bearing a Minor Punishment

  • •None shall steal, damage, or destroy the property of a Subject.
  • •None shall invade the domain of a Subject uninvited and with malicious intent.
  • •None shall deceive a Subject with malicious intent. This includes Forgery.
  • •None shall cause mass disruption of Subjects or act as a public nuisance.

Crimes Bearing a Standard Punishment

  • •None shall bring harm to a Subject or the Kingdom, nor inhibit anyone in the course of preventing harm or death to a Subject, excepting in the virtue of defense.
  • •None shall control the mind, body, or emotions of a Subject excepting with the explicit sanction of a Lord or higher, or if the Subject be - of free and clear spirit - willing.
  • •None shall hold or confine a Subject without the Subject’s direct consent or as requested by the legal authority of the area.
  • •No Subject shall mint any currencies not authorized by the Bank of Kormyre.
  • •No Subject shall refuse the Royal Guard or Inquisition in the courses of their duties, nor interfere in their conduct.
  • •None shall intentionally withhold valuable information from the Kingdom when this information is deemed important by the gentry.
  • •None shall engage in blackmail or extortion.
  • •None shall worship, nor preach, nor serve any forces or entities that are declared enemies of the Barony and Her physical or metaphysical stability. None shall summon nor call forth powers granted by these forces or entities, including but not limited to: aberrant magic; true warlock symbiotes; and blight. This may be considered a Major Crime based upon the severity of the crimes committed in association.

Crimes Bearing a Major Punishment

  • •None shall commit murder upon a Subject.
  • •None shall buy, sell, or keep slaves. Whosoever serves another unwillingly and without compensation is called a slave. This excludes those who are serving a lawful punishment, or are conscripted in service to the Crown.
  • •None shall take arms against the Kingdom, nor commit espionage against the Kingdom, nor hinder another in the pursuit of an enemy of the Kingdom. None shall commit treason or sedition against the Kingdom of Kormyre.

Crimes Adjusting Existing Punishments

  • •None shall conspire to break with a law of Kormyre. Whosoever breaks with this law shall be punished according one tier of punishment below the law that the convicted conspired to break with.
  • •None shall attempt to escape from lawful detainment or punishment. Whosoever breaks with this law shall be punished at one tier of punishment above the law that the convicted initially broke.


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