The following are the current members of the Nobility present in Travance.

The Baron

victor sylusBaron Victor Sylus of Travance

The Lords

alister darkheartLord Aleister Tartaros of Drega'Mire, Admiral of the Winterdark Fleet

angelica tellinghastLady Angelica Tartaros of Drega'Mire

anhil2Lord Ardin Silverbow of Pendarvin

lucius blackthorne 1Lord Lucius Blackthorne of Alisandria

cassandra blytheLady Cassandra Blackthorne of Alisandria

Gideon GreenLord Gideon Weaveforger of Kaladonia

kleidinLady Kleidin Laurent-Belmont of Kaladonia

blankLord Rudolf Von Kreutzdorf of Ostcliff

The Seneschal

Lois MaxwellLois Maxwell, Seneschal of Travance

The Knights

AlmatheaAvy Dame Amalthea Laurent-Belmont of Kaladonia

barak tellinghastSir Barak Tellinghast of Drega'Mire

ClytieAvyDame Clytie Corentin of Travance

danae hainsworth Dame Danae Hainsworth of Pendarvin

danny mackregarSir Danny McKraegar of Kaladonia

emilineDame Emiline Patterson of Alisandria

GrashugelAvySir Grashugel of Travance

ilana darkwoodDame Ilana Darkwood of Pendarvin

philidin ienburaSir Philidin Ienbura of Drega'Mire

pluviousSir Pluvious of Travance

Trisana MossDame Trisana Moss of Kaladonia

seamus aeislin2Sir Seamus Aeislin of Ostcliff

swyft 2Dame Swyft T. Glitterleaf of Drega'mire

Ulrich Von NordenSir Ulrich Von Norden of Alisandria

wolfgar silverfangSir Wolfgar Silverfang of Ostcliff

The Officers

blankAngrin, Master of Arms

Coran TanwynCoran Tanwyn, Chancellor of the Exchequer

oren tendersonOren Tenderson, Captain of the Guard

00 blank reshSir Pluvious, Castellan

verrill lebastionRobert Tzaareth, Magistrate

simon maxwellSir Doctor Simon Maxwell, High Surgeon of Travance

tariTari Zafirah, Mistress of the Occult

00 blank reshTrent Mayfair, Chancellor of the Arts

Visiting Nobility

sebastian everestCount Sebastian Everest of Winterdark, Earl of the Marches

blankLord Alexander Renaudierre

duncan invernessLord Duncan Inverness

fogromLord Fogrom

nigel stormbringerLord Nigel Stormbringer

william montgomeryLord William Montgomery

magnus zeroLord General Magnus Von Ritter of Winterdark

ardis darhanaDame Ardis Dar'Hanna of Winterdark

cinderSir Cinder Draa'Velven of Winterdark, Paladin of the White Fox

takouri ringiSir Takouri Ringi of Winterdark

arden ul uidhir Ser Arden of Winterdark

Life Title Nobility

gideon weaveforgerLord Gideon Weaveforger, Lord of Kaladonia, Knight of Kormyre

simon maxwellSir Doctor Simon Maxwell, Knight of Kormyre


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