“I been hearing all sorts of ruckus echoing around the peaks of the Auralonde….  Almost sounds like deep voices chanting Ulfar or something”

"Poor messenger boy... definitely not dressed well enough to head into the Deserts.  Who was that message for again?  Assiz ublen Hazard?  I can never get those desert-names right."

"This land is evil!  It seeps up from below and out of the very soil of the land!  The earth smells of blood and death!  This is a cursed land!  Evil!"

"Seems like Travance is finally trying to establish some genuine trade again!  I heard there was a caravan whose merchants were murdered in the streets finally.  Maybe things are looking up!"

“I heard that Vertran Shadowsbane has gone missing.  He’s some well known witch hunter from Alleander that was supposed to come to Travance and help train the Baronial Guard against creatures of darkness, but he never made it to the proper….”

"I don't what kind of rot got into the grain silo, but I fear that there'll be less bread on the tables this winter and spring."

"According to the Library of Anoch, this month we should be able to see the fabled Eye of Enax, a red star that appears over Arawyn once every 85 years.  It should directly overhead during the Baronial Feast."

"These goblins....in proper armor no less....come up to my home and....speaking fluent Kormyrian....ask me if I would sell them a cow!  What's Arawyn coming to?"

“I heard there’s been troop movement south of New Gaaldron.  My brother’s with the 5th Kormyrian Halberdiers in the Eastern Expansion force, sent me a letter sayin to move on outta here if we can.  Somethin about the Authoritor Legion being redeployed to be between Travance and something to the northeast.  Don’t tell anyone else though, my brother’ll be hanged if they find out he sent me that information!”

"There's a shortage of feathers in Travance.  Those scholars have been buying up every single feather in sight for their fancy quills.  I think the Fletchers Guild is going to have words with them soon."

"Strange fellow dressed all in red carrying a large sack passed me and my daughter the other day.  Smiled and gave my girl a nice cloth doll . Gave us both a Yuletide blessing and kept walking.  Guess Travance has some good left in her after all."

"I wonder what strange food the chefs are preparing for the Count and the Baron this moon.  Last month's Bedouin fare wasn't bad, but some good old Kormyrian dishes would be nice from time to time."

"Some crazy fellow down by the lake was asking me to help him catch a baby hydra.  Said that hydra blood was needed for some special ink he required.  Offered me 30 gold pieces!  I still said no."

"Can you believe it?!  Yanzio, one of the most famous gypsy toy makers in all of Kormyre, is traveling across the Rift to gather some rare woods for his toys.  I hope he brings some of his toys with him.  My son would love one of Yanzio's wooden toys."

"Mean Doctor Hix, up to his tricks, tryin' to fool us all..."

"So, I overheard this fellow at the Dragon Claw Inn.  Says he's come over from Alleander and that he's an investigator. Says he's looking for a relative of the King himself that ran away from court and is hiding somewhere in Travance.  Like anyone would leave the comforts of Alleander for Travance!  Crazy old coot."

"I surely hope Surimichi is at Market Faire this month.  Gettin' cold and I could sure use a nice pair of her warm gloves."

"Happy Yule to all and to all a good night!"

"Who the heck is Arcanite? I thought no one was allowed entrance to the reliquary!"

"Some Ogres broke into my pasture last night, ran off with several cows, and those they didn't take wandered out through a hole in my fence!"

"Some guy came around and asked if I needed anything done, something that required a keen eye, a steady hand, and a quick foot.  I took one look at him and told him, "Sir, I should be asking you if you need help."  He just laughed as said he was getting some teams together, wanted to make sure they could get work right away.  I told him to get off my Porch, there are plenty in town who are willing to help when things are bad.  He winked at me and said, but who's going to help when things aren't so bad?  I still don't know what he meant."

"Did you hear about those farms to the north?  Someone killed Hobert and his eldest son, then stole his wife Bethiny and their five daughters.  Ol' Joe, Hobert's dad witnessed the whole thing, tried to stop them he said, but he got beat up pretty bad, left for dead with his son and grandson he said.  But Gods both merciful and cruel left him alive with everything he lived for taken from him.  Poor Joe, I'm taking up a collection for him, are you in?"

“Winter will be bad this year, I heard there’s a colder wind blowing down from the north….”

“My cousin’s a cleric up in Saint Helena’s abbey in Altrion.  Her brother come all the way through the rift crossing to check up on me and my wife, saying she’s been having nightmares about us and something called a grogmaroagg the soul stealer or something.  I have a feeling his wife kicked him out and he’s lookin for a free place to stay though….”

“I still haven’t figure out what a Neck Necksi is….”


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