“So I followed this guy who said he could turn animals into tasty sweets the other day, and he went into this cave.  I'm willing to bet there's a whole storehouse down there, but I saw something moving around in the shadows, so I ran.  Well if you're so tough, why don't you go down there?”

“The Krampus is coming!  All Hallows approaches the Krampus arrives to feed the good and whip the naughty.”


“Best be watchin’ yer crop stores for the winter.  Now’s abouts the time when unruly wild creatures come to raid the granaries and smokehouses for their own winter supplies…  Maybe even more sinister creatures that need to eat too….”


“I hear there will be quite the wagon train acommin' down the trail this month.  I hope I get my new witchwood dolly for my daughter, I'm hoping it will drain out any demon magic she might have in her from her wild mage mother!  Hell, Bart, you know I wouldn't have married her if I knew, but what can I do but live in fear of making her mad and the whole house blowing up with us in it!  Better a happy demon then an angry one, just don't tell her I said that!”

“You're an idiot, Boxer.  The reason the goblins are gathering is because Apollo has commanded them to eat all our children on All Hallows Eve.  I say we kill any goblin we see, especially those wearing the colors of Drega'Mire.”

“I heard one of them guardsmen talking about a strangely fast man wandering through town the other night.  Said he could move faster then the eye could see and had a red A M emblazoned on his vest….”


"Sirens, hydra, moat beasts!  Bah!  That lake is nothing but a filthy breeding ground for trouble and horror!  What's next, the kraken himself?!"

"Yes, Cousin Abby is coming to visit from Stion!  She's bringing her brother Jacob with her, poor dear doesn't have much time left, born simple if you gather my meaning.  She says his last wish was to meet the Heroes of Travance.  Poor, poor boy.  I pray to Galladell they don't let him down..."

“I don't go hunting much anymore, even though this is the best time of year to head out there.  I'm sorry, but I am seeing way too many killer plants out there.  Trolls, gnolls, lizard men, they can all be avoided, reasoned with or at least scene coming, those plants blend in too well with the rest of the forest, you don't see them until you are practically on them.”

"BATS! There were so many damn bats I couldn't see a thing!"

“I heard there was a strange fellow asking around for people that killed a necromancer last moon.  You think he meant the fella that killed that crazy lord that's killing everyone now?  Well, one evil mage is as good as another, I guess.”

“He's a raging devil demon thing I tell ya!  I saw him up in the mountain screamin' at himself, then he ripped a tree in half and threw it at me... fortunately he missed and started slamming his face into a rock right after so I was able to get away... no! I toldsya the half boar, half mushroom creature was from the satyr wine, but this time I was dry... I means it!  Oh to the pit with you then if you don't believe me!”

“Ol' Farmer Eggar heard somethin' near the edge o' his punkin farm.  He went out ta look, but what came back tweren't Eggar.  More like somethin' wearin' Eggar like a suit.”

“The call has gone out in Drega'Mire.  The goblins are climbing out of their dark places, wearing armor and wielding blades. Why would the Knight Protector be calling the goblins to war?”

"It must be that time of the year again... pumpkin and candle sales are going up again."

“Ye know that wee Tellinghast girl, Angelica.  Aye, she's been corrupted so often, I bet anything she touches turns foul. You enjoyin' that rock candy, are ye?”

“Bandits! Highwaymen! Robbers all of them! It's getting so a man can't make an honest living without getting accosted moving your goods to market.  But I show them, I keep most of my money in my ears, mouth, nose, and other places... what's that? oh sure it's painful and disgusting, but I got the idea from a goblin, and they are some crafty creatures! What do you mean you don't want to sell me that pie now, this is good silver I've got here, just wipe it off a bit, it will be fine... no need to bite it though.”

“What?  If they're all fighting each other, who's going to keep the monsters at bay?  It's bad enough even when they can keep up regular patrols, but now it's ridiculous!  At this rate, the only farms that will make it through the winter will be the ones that can afford pigs for slaughter!”

“Sleeping ain't been givin' me the same energy it used to. Nights are dark, cold and lonely feeling any more. Not to mention I can't remember the last time I had a peaceful dream. Kids have been fine though, or so it seems. Maybe I oughta put down the bottle...”

“Of course he had help from within the town, how else could he have pulled it off.  If the Baron or the Count does nothing about this I'm packing the family and heading back to the mainland.”

"More and more folk have gone missing in the past weeks... local guards keep finding bloody messes, and then bloody footprints... still no bodies, I'd be careful if I were out there at night."

“Travance is nothing but a haven for the forces of darkenss, flee before it is your soul that is consumed.”

“I've heard that the church is preparing to lead a grand crusade to purge Travance of it's wickedness.”

“Eerie childlike laughter in the woods after dark?  Aye, that's Travance around this time of year.  Go nowhere alone or you'll end up on a dinner plate for somethin' evil.”

“Those loonies at the asylum must have a key.  Another one ran by me a few days past singing that nursery rhyme..."Three maids under the moon I see, gaze upon them and ye best flee..."”

“The darkness feels especially eire this time of year, a subtle reminder of All Hallows.”

“My nephew was one of those knights of the mind thing, they tell me that he didn't make it through the night in that jail the guards run.  They tell me most of the young fellers didn't make it through the night. I don't know if it was the cult or the guards.  I mean, I know he got mixed up in some bad stuff, but he was mostly just misunderstood.”

"I'll tell you what, that pumpkin patch smelt like nothin' I ever smelt before."

"Just the other day I saw some fellows marching along the border of Pendarvin. They all were all in black and armored, and one of them carried a standard with a gauntlet and snake. Sent a shiver down my spine, I got out of there as quick as I could!"

“I know saying Travance isn't safe is like saying the sky is blue most days, but this?  It's like a civil war, and there isn't a single civil thing about it.  I'd head across the rift if I could, but now?  Might just be best to crawl into a hole and hide until the fighting stops.”

“What’s with that IMPERIAL guild of Ost’a’what?  I’m wonderin’ what Empire they serve…. I mean… Kormyre is a Kingdom now, ever since the great sundering….  Maybe they’re in leagues with the Empire of Gaaldron and were foolish enough to state it out in public.  Isn’t one of ‘em an Enaxian…. Hmm….”


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