"Alright, so let's see if I follow... them wild mages are sons o' demons... them wild mages go koblibiddy-blough when they get nervous blow'n up all kinds of nice people all over the place... them wild mages keep grow'n in power until they become big daddy demons themselves... and we let them walk around talking to our kids and stuff?  Now, I'm no bigot, but that's a little messed up if you ask me."

"Strangely dressed fella came up to me in my field, wearin' a giant book 'round his neck.  Asked me if he was in time for the trial.  I had no idea what he was talkin' about, but I pointed him in the direction of the Proper."

"I love how the leaves start to turn colors in the coming months, but make no mistake, harvest months are dangerous!  All the goblins and kobolds and the like, they know we're saving up enough for the winter months, and they're gonna try and take it for themselves.  Greedy little blighters, just once I'd like to see a bunch of them try to run a farm, instead of burning or sacking one.  Maybe then they'd at least leave some coin when they swipe a bushel."

"...it was awful, a slaughter of the worst degree, and then... out of no where... Mr. and Mrs. Albright just got back up... I didn't stay but I fear for my life."

"I've heard something whispering in the wind, it's almost like a voice, but not quite.  Don't you hear it?   It almost sounds sad..."

"Look, don't you tell me how to go on patrol.  I'm not the one that's been knocked out cold seven times in the last month and had their coinpurse lifted."

"You still owe me for the last time we went to the Dragon's Claw!  Like you stood a chance with any of them folk what drinks up there.  You should stick with that new place, that's more your speed anyway.  Not my problem they're shuttin' the doors for a few days, you could use a few days without the drink anyway."

"The cows gettin' chewed up I understand, but who takes the time to shear a sheep only to leave weird little messages on 'em?  No I didn't put them there, why would I put some nonsense on my sheep?  No I'm not drunk!"

"My cousin Carl's all messed up in the head, like he gets angry and things get all nasty like around him.  We shipped him off with some nice people who said they would take care of him!  They were some kind of Knights!"

"I heard those Kobolds were sold a bunch of hero stories by some Galamachans so they would throw themselves at the town and get mowed down, all serving the dark god's purpose... it's kind of sad really, all they wanted was hope, I wonder how many dark purposes have been guilded with promises of a better tomorrow."

"Cult of Kagen, Cult of Kagen, Cult of Kagen!  For the last time, just because my name is Jim Kagen, doesn't mean I'm the leader of no crazy death cult!  There's got to be hundreds of Kagens running around, go bother them for a change!"

"I think someone let the crazy folk out again.  This fellow wearin' a yellow cap runs up to me and smiles, just like Smilin' Jack With The Yellow Cap from the nursery rhyme.  Dropped a gold coin at my feet, just like in the story.  Then he run off inta da woods."

"There's been talk of wizards coming from the swamps!  Drag-A-Mire's infested!  Pack up your things, we have to go!  I don't want no swamp wizards swamping up my home!"

"You know what always gets them folk running?  It ain't necromancers, or demons, or ogres or none of that.  It's the dang pigs.  I don't know what they feed the pigs here, but every soul that can lift a sword or mutter a spell comes like a bat out of hell when bacon's being cooked or their pigs are being stolen.  You'd think bacon was the religion here or something.  Hope there's never a holy war about that."

"Closed for a wedding, the sign said at the Bloody Stump.  'Tis a lie if I've ever heard one.  I saw them bringin' in this big wooden box a few nights back, all sneaky like.  Wonder what's in it."

"It seemed like them Obsidian Raptors are everywhere! I ain't afraid though, they seem to be able to sniff out the heroes, I ain't heard of one bricklayer killed by them! ... what?!? well it don't count if he ain't human Roy... everyone knows that!"

"Lost another hunting dog to the plants last week.. I swear, killer plants everywhere like someone is putt'n them there are purpose."

“All this rain has been good for the growing seasons....hope there aint as much snow this winter.”

"So, I get a letter from my sister after ten whole years of never hearin' from her.  She's comin' to Travance with her Order she says, capital O and everything.  Dunno what that's about."

"Had a cart full of Ore I tell ya, stockpiles of the stuff.  Headed down the road to Travance, I bet he'll make a fortune!"

"Didn't Farmer Hoggett's wife die in a fire a few months back?  Then why's her famous apple pie sittin' on the window sill of Farmer Hoggett's house in the middle of the night?"

“Found some more them big rats in my corn. Me and my sons chased em down one of them 'oles....thats where we stopped chasing.”


"I heard the same story, but the guy had a hook on his foot!"

"What is a Spicy Lemon anyway?  Doesn't sound like it would taste all that good."


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