“Damned wolves are at it again, m' boy barely escaped with his own hide intact.  If it were'nt ole Rex wouldn't had the time to make it to that tree.  Poor Rex didn't have a chance, once they were through tearing him apart they turned on the flock.”

“I left some cheese out on a trap for the rats... when I looked in the morning, the trap was gone, but the cheese was still there!  Should I be worried?”

"Who is this King Naves?  I've worked this farm for over a decade, I'll be darned if I let some crazy Kobold tell me to hand it over to some goblins!"

"Said his name wasn't important.  Said he worked for someone who would pay me well, so I told him and he gave me a large gold piece.  I will always tell him what he wants to know.  What I cant figure out was why he would want the names of all the Healers in town."

"I heard even after he was released from corruption, they exiled him.  Serves him right, all those people Gustav killed... somebody has to be held accountable."

"Fungal Spores and Stranglevines!  Fields of it, growing like it was planted there, also saw some strange plant I've never seen before, Bert went to take a closer look at it, suddenly he got all sleepy like, a strange man came up to me and told me to watch, suddenly the plant rooted itself into Bert!  The strange man laughed, and called the plant Hetleven, he refused to help, said Bert should embrace death, and so should I... well I just ran... poor Bert, but I'm to scared to go back, I hope he doesn't haunt me."

"I'm telling you, that mountain ain't right... I used to like to go foraging up there, and it's like everything is quiet, like the realm of death itself."

"I had more a' them nightmares.  Sleeping dont come easy these days.  Those she devils wont leave me alone."

“BOUNTY - Wolf Pelts: Will pay 2 gold bounty for each pelt brought in.  See Simon D'Withers of Alisandira.” 

"I was walking down the trail I was, when some Kobold asked if my tribe was interested in join'n up with the Zemes folk... said he could use good sheep herders... I inquired as to where Zemes was situated, and he looked at me and said, 'THIS is Zemes', so I said, then I guess I'm here, now aren't I?  He smiled, and said our kind had to stick together... A rather slow witted one that one was I think."

“Ol' Ezekiel has a collection of skulls up on his mantlepiece - claims they are his ancestors, going back ten generations.  If you are near his hut at night, you can hear him talking to them...”

“Word is two clans up in the Highlands went to war over a marriage gone wrong - and they both have members here in Travance!”

"That's the fourth child to go missing this week... either the parents here are awful or something horrible is happening."

"Thats right.  I heard he was lookin' for someone named LaBelle.  Said he had something that he needed.  Some kind of scroll.  Said he'd pay me well."

"I saw all kinds of monsters heading past my hunting cabin last saturday, lizard kin, goblins, orcs, ogres, trolls, and such... they were all talking about some place called Zemes... anyone ever hear of that?"

“It was a terrible sight.  I'd had I not seen the tracks, then I'd have thought it was a battle.  Parts were everywhere, some eaten some just ripped apart.  But I guess its the price we pay to live on the frontier.”

"Actual convicts were released during the Summer Gathering?  What if one of them got away!"

“A strange man was sittin in the corner of the Inn the other day.  Was fiddling around with some weird deck of cards askin if anyone want to play for ‘keeps.’ Creeped me right the ‘ell out, right down to the weird blue and gold undershirt he had on underneath his rags…. Where would you even get a shirt like that?”

“If that Hydra is laying eggs in one spot, I bet there’s more….or at least were more… I wonder how big the hatchlings would be now…?”


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