"So.... that new professor, he IS a barbarian... right?"

"It was horrible, last night the fire's burned so bright the horizon was ablaze.  How many people in that village?  All dead?  This is the second time in the past week and the carnage is moving closer to the Proper... Valos save us..."

"Sumpin' ain't right... I seen one of General Devirr's men running through with an urgent message. He seemed all shaken... Devirr don't let none of his men shake, not even for warmth!"

"New eats! Smokin' & drinkin'! How does anyone get anything done in the proper?"

“New Gaaldaron sure has been quiet as of late - think they're up to something?”

"That's the fourth caravan this month... awful sight, they lined the bodies up in a line... tallest man to the shortest child and... just slaughtered them.  It was disgusting... woman and children as well as the men... what kind of monster could do this?"

"Last time it was sorcerors making fog around it, this time that bedouin tent had a brick wall around it! What are they doing in there?!?"

" I heard tell that Ming Na's great great great uncle is coming to lay claim to all of Ming's holdings. Don't let his age fool you though, that old man is supposed to be deadly than High Magistrate Shen!"

"Who cares about lineage these days!  Dragoon?  Wild Mage?  Gypsy?  Hell!  If they know somethin' to keepin' my sorry butt alive, I'll listen... anything better than being ignorant and dead!"

“I hear Rudolph interred the ashes of his late wife under the Stump - and the Mage's Guild wants to collect them!”

"I heard the Church of Light is building a new army and the town guard is growing in size. Maybe I should start following Chronicler or Brazen. They never seem to start any trouble."

"There's a ship coming into the Drega'mirean port with some exotic cargo. I may sneak down there to take a peek. I suggest you do the same, wink, wink, nudge, nudge."

 "What ever happened to that monstrous lizard that crawled into the lake?  I swear, haven't gone down there to wash my tunic since then...."

"You 'eard there's a lady from that new place dat's claimin' she's related to the King? Yeah, our King... you think they'd have lobbed her head off by now or some such!"

“I sent me daughter over to the neighboring farm and she came back all shaken. She won't say nothin' or eat any meat. Me wife's all worried for our darlin' girl.”

"First he sells 12 gold pies, then he don't like it if you read other people's books that he didn't write. I'm tellin' you, he's gonna burn down that library if they ever make it."

"Yeah, he said he was from Gramore. It is out in Vorllorn where that Wytchwood is. Said something about being sent in the name of his Lord. You think he was some kind of a messenger?"

"Somethin' different about the woods in the proper these days. I feel like I'm being watched..."

“Hear about the man who set his goblin servant on a noble? They arrested him, but last I heard he got out of jail. Bet you it was that odd woman who was fawnin' over him. “

“All this rain we got is a blessing to the crops, surely Gaia is smiling down upon us.”

"My cousin was out with his militia patrol and swore that some of the tribals were praying to Glomm...... Said it was real spooky, but they dealt with em just like the usual tribal goblin rabble."




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