"A number of overland caravans have been having issues recently.  Something about overly large wildlife."

"A tournament?  Is the Master of Games involved?  I don't think so, but it sounds interesting."

"...I heard poor Austin still hasn't recovered.  All he keeps saying is "I swear, I don't know any Gypsy Healers..."

"Now that the ground has thaw I bet you'll see a lot of treasure hunters and grave robbers."

“A large section of ground collapsed a couple weeks ago outside the proper. I was takin a look at the chasm one night when a man dressed in a full suit of armor climbed out of the mess. He smelled of earth and was muttering something about "skulls". I thought I was a deadman!”

“All me farm hands just up and quit! Guess you really can't pay people in copper anymore”

“The barony is trying to get us for every coin we have! I went to pay my taxes and they tried to tell me I needed papers and liscenses for everything.”

“I saw the guard practicing their drills the  other day. They're starting to look like a right dangerous force. I specially liked the look o that elf they got, if ya know what I be sayin.”

" I heard the Count be the one torturing them psion folks underneath the Dragon's Claw. Figure he lets drow and wild mage's run free but is killin' decent folk on the side!"

"Did you find that bedouin hookah tent? Someone said they paid sorceror's to place mist around it so no one can find it unless they pay for a guide. What'll they think of next?"

"I saw this man other day, looked like he were made of leaves. I greeted him warmly and then turned me wife into a bouget of roses. He said it were a blessing. If you knew me wife, you would know how right he was!"

"Ming Na is the kindest, fairest man I never met! I took up a trade like his signs said & without ever meeting him, I received a bag of silver with a letter of congratulations! How did he even know?"

" So I was in that deep part of the forest again & that wood elf with the spear nearly took my head off! His tattoos was glowing and he said something in his language real angry like. The only word I could make out was dragon or something. Told me to leave and never come back. Won't be a problem, I tell you."

"Isn't that Count supposed to be in Winterdark? If he's got his own lands, why is he still tellin' folks here what to do? I thought we had Baron Montgomery to look out for us! None of this sits well with me."

" No kidding! Orcs runnin' round the woods near proper. Beatin' the bloody hell out of each other. Never seen the likes of it. Kept shoutin the whole time!"

"What's pie day?"

"They did a right good thing those people of the proper did. Helping young Jessica with that funeral. I heard they even gave her money to help her start over."

"The Lord of Alisandria better be ready when my son comes to town! All respect and honor to his station better be shown!"

" I heard Lord Ardentfyre settled that dispute between the Barrett and the Worthington families. No doubt that would have come to bloodshed."

"Sheep all over the east road out of the proper! Not a single man to tend em. Tell you what, I might go claim them as me own!"


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