"Who is the Soothsayer?"

“Damnable druids.  All I'm trying to do is provide of my family and make a little coin and they assault me and my son calling us murderers and destroyers of life.  We barely escaped.”

"I'm telling you, the bloke done told me he were headed for the proper, selling all manner of trinkets and baubles from the war!  Lookie at this pendant he sold me, that's solid silver that is!  Crafted by the Hobgoblins themselves!"

"People've been disappearing alot recently, just the other day Jacob said that his brother went missing, and when they found him it took half the guard just to subdue him!"

"I wonder why that lady was willing to pay so much to have the Caravan drop her off in the middle of no where..."

"...and he promised me anything I wanted if I helped him.  So of course I said yes! Get this, he actually paid me.  I will definitely be working for that clown faced fellow again."

“What the heck is goin on round here,  I have been minin silver for two decades and I have run in’s with silver ore thieves but why mine the ore and not take it… hey makes my life easier.”

"I hear tell that the Ogres livin' 'round The Rift Gate are getting hungry, attacking anything that wanders into their camps.  I'll tell you, the lot of them would do better as our slaves."

"Been awful quiet up north in New Gaalderon lately.  No fighting, no emissaries, no nothing.  Almost feels TOO quiet..."

"Has anybody seen my husband?  One day he grabbed his finest jacket and his old Guardsmen swords and left... when I asked where he was going, all he said was he had some business with a Healer in Travance, and that was almost a month ago!"

"More Graverobbers?  They don't pay me enough to keep cleaning these messes up!"

“It was the most gruesome sight I've ever seen.  We were taking a load of ores to the have them smelted down and thats when we found them; or at least what remained of them.  Torn to shreds they were men, women...even the children.  Who or what could have done such a horrible thing.”

"I heard there was actually 3 of those demonic dolls, not 2.  I wonder where the third is?"

"Lookin' forward to the growin' season. Sure is nice to see the ground thaw and be able to start plantin' crops again"

"Oi, Tim, I just realized... I can't remember the last time we had a fishing trip and run in with one of them Nyads!  Gods be praised, I hope it means they've up and left us in peace!"

"I heard someone wants to host some sort of festival in Travance, wonder if there will be games!"

"Me wife an' I saw some o' those lizard kin sneakin' about the forest. Not sure what they were up to, but it can't be good"

"Some guy wit' greasy hair and not so nice lookin' teeth tried to sell me a piece of what he claimed was a real, honest to goodness treasure map. Looked real enough, but there are people out there who can forge even the Baron's signature, so I passed it up"

"I have had nightmares for the last week.  I keep seeing these evil looking women, cruel and dark in their appearance. They corner me and I wake up screaming as the laugh.  I cant take it!"

“The gates of the abyss are weakening, we must find a way to reinforce them.”

“He speaks truly the voice of Arawen.  Only he can save her from the taint of these cities that infect her surface like a plague. Join the cause brother, join us in freeing her from the infection of these so called civilized people that would only torture and destroy Arawen.”

“Now I don’t want to be telln stories out side ah school but I been hearin a lot about this neutral templar guy, and even though  he has done a lot o’good, we don’t know a lot about him, I mean he seems nice enough but I’ve been fooled before.”

I had a dream of this eerie voice saying "So ask me not many things: for thy kingdom also after a little time is to be disrupted and thy glory is but for a season.  And short will be thy tyranny over us."  I wonder what in Valos that even means?


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