“Damn it.  M' boy and I spent all winter clearing those trees so we could plant in the spring.  Would'ya believe it we went out today to hitch ole bessy up for the plowing and every damn one of those trees was back!”

"I heard those Gypsy-Folk are gettin' some sort of assembly together... best stay clear of the woods if you hear those accursed bells."

"Did you hear about that girl looking for old children's books?"
"Yeah... maybe she's got a kid who needs a good story."

“Watch out for them demon mages.  One of them foul creatures summoned a hailstorm the other day on my barn, put holes in the roof the size of a dog.  If I find that demonspawn I’m sure gonna string em up!”

“The church...pheh.  since when does the all mighty church give a damn about us poor poor peasants.  The only thing they care about is growing fat off of the offering plates.”

"Those poor Bullwugs. The slimey gits didn't even have a chance in this weather of surviving like that."

“General Devirr's armies have made great progress against the Markovian forces. It's only a matter of time before Kormyre is victorious over the monsters, who will claim the glory?!”

"...I don't think I ever run that fast away from a stranger in all my life."
"...Yeah, what was it he kept saying?  Something about looking for Healer's something?"

“I seen a huge beast walking upright like a man the other night outside my fence.  I didn’t get a good look at it but it damn sure looked like a huge brown bear.”

“This place was natures paradise before you bastards found your way across the rift.  The land will rise up and reclaim its place.”

"That Baron ought to stop laughing around with those mages and worry about his lands. The roads have more pits than a fig tree!"

"This is the fourth graveyard in a month to be turned over!  These days Grave Robber's have no respect!"
"...But Boss, nothing is missing, if they were Grave Robbers, wouldn't they have taken the valuables?"

“Word about the northern guards is that New Gaaldron is amassing their forces at our border.  Must be thinking they can catch us with our pants down after we beat back the Markovians.”

"Watch where you're coughing, buddy. I don't want to catch that illness floating around!"

“Word from across the rift is that Travance is growing too strong, there are even rumors of Travance attempting to separate themselves from the kingdom!”

“Blasted Druids and their love of nature, I watched this wretched devil choking off the wagon path with his damned vines the other day.”

“I haven’t seen that Master of Games fellow in a while…. I’m thinking the guard finally caught him hustling a card game like I always knew he did!”

“One too many skulls to be a Valosian, I say.”


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