"Where's that ole' Montgomery fellow been half the moons anyways? Hibernating in that manor of his I bet, that’s where I'd be!"

"Farmer Giles? That old koot couldn't lift a sword, let alone know how to use it. There is no way he was a hero on the other side of the rift."

"A few days ago, this bunch of rowdy folks came in here caked in clay smelling like mulch. Opinionated jerks if I ever saw one."

"What are all those strange fellows with the scared faces doing down by the river bed?  They was talkin' about waiting for someone.  I wonder who it could be?"

"Yov gotta be derunk.  No waaay ya saw dat."  "I swear, he walked outta cave and it closed up right behind him *hic*"

"Now me daughter's drawing fairies on the walls of the house.  Says she's been seein' them in the hedge maze she has.  Kids and their imaginations."

"Tales of Heroics you say?  Payin' a gold just to turn tales into Epics of some sort?  Sounds like my kinda job!"

“I remember her from a few years back. Green sorcerer, right?”

“I told Dunkelmik that he was messing with power WAY beyond his ability to control and he just retorted that it wasn't that powerful of a summoning ritual. And he's right about that, but my point is that it's still WAY beyond his ability to control...”

"A Lizardfolk out this early? Your drinking some satyr's wine maybe. Give it another couple of months and we'll be drowning in them, but it's still cold enough to keep those nasties away."

"I was walking out by the lake when I saw a deer walk into a newly tilled field, it looked like it went to eat something, when it fell over dead!  I need some of that to keep the deer from eating my fields!"

"You think those crazy Londwyn are bad, try a mining team of dwarves on the hunt for gold. Lousey, mop-faced gophers!”

"Me and the fellows were out in Pendarvin when we saw this sign in the middle of the road. There was this dark red 'X' on the dang thing. We didn't risk it and went the long way."

"Have you noticed that Alfred's home is always warm, even in the dead of winter?  I mean, uncomfortably warm, even with a low fire in the hearth.  Come to think of it, I've never seen him chop or stack wood..."

"I tell you, those goblins are just getting worse, I was walking home from the Dragon's Claw when I saw some strange fires in the distance, I heard goblins screaming, some in horror, some in delight.  I just ran after that!"

"Another little one ran out my back door this mornin'.  It was the creepy girl a while back and now it was a little clown.  I think he had a straight razor in his hands!  What in Valos' name!"

"I tell you, I'll figure it out.  There has to be some way of making things grow during the winter.  And when I figure it out the Baron's gonna make me one of those noble types!"

"You just stumbled upon an Ironwood Shield, just sitting against a tree?
Yeah, my guess was it belonged to a warrior who passed away.
Now that you mention it, it does look a little worn.  Guess it was your lucky day."

"I heard there was arguing between the Gypsy and Celts over in Kaladonia. Thats something I wont want to be between if it turns ugly!"

"I saw the oddest tracks after the last snowfall... They looked like a rat's, but were easily the size of a bear's!"

"Two blokes in the Dragon's Claw were looking at a map, and discussing finding Kartigus Kane's buried treasure!"

"My cousin Bobby ain't right in the head, he ain't never been right, able to tell what you're thinking and all that, just plain creepy.  Well ever since his wife died, he's been leaving his flocks to wander, and when I rounded them up for him and brought them back, he just grimaced at me and mumbled something about shadows, and safety being an illusion or something.  Now you aren't going to believe this, he just stared at one of his own goats and they fell over dead on the spot, it was like he killed them with his mind."

"The nights are getting warmer sure, but I still wouldn't be caught dead out and about without the guard with me... I heard all sorts of horrors have been creeping about the woods late at night."

"Did he ask you too?
About a wee girl claiming to be a Witch Hunter?  Yeah... 'matter of fact he did.
...well, did you tell her where she went?
Well sure, for 5 Gold, who wouldn't!  Odd though, he paid me in all silver..."


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