"I heard some of those Khitan fellows have gone mad!  Is it even safe for them to be around other people?"

"There's been this dreadful howling in the dead of night... at first we thought it was the wind... that is until Edward's boy came up dead in the barn.  It's a shame too, boy wanted to be an adventurer one day."

“Don't let your kids play in the snow around them Bedouins. Freaks them out like crazy. One tried to pull one of them curvy blades on my one son, but a town guardsman stopped him. I know! Town Guard doing their job!”

"I was off on a hunting trip when I came across an old shack, thing smelled of death.  I almost went in but my dog was acting all strange like pulling on my pants leg.  I figured he knew something and got out of there"

"...well, I heard that if they detect enough people, they come in the night for the living... almost as if they have a vendetta against everybody who isn't dead!"

“Woods are awfully quiet recently.  You'd think with the spring thaw the beasts would be fill'n their bellies.”

“My friend told me he saw a new hookah lounge in the proper - when I went in, I saw that ogre from Alisandria!  There was tobacco, but it wasn't no lounge.... I ran before he could break my legs!”

"It sounds like the new Royal Guard in Travance is nothing to sneeze about, maybe we'll finally get a decent patrol through the proper!"

"Cold seems to be leaving.  Good thing too, I'm getting cabin fever.  Can't wait to get out and start plowing the fields.  Let's just hope the creatures don't get to the crops again this year."

"What is with these people?  Some Khitan telling me happy new year?  They are over a month late don't ya know."

“Things are pretty quiet up north. Like, way north. To far north! South abit than North North. I'm talkin' 'bout the bleedin' greenies, ya pickled moron! I bet their restocking on them ogres for another go with the town!”

“I was in my house last weekend, and I swear I saw zombies coming out of the ground.  Then my barn door started swinging open and closed all crazy like.  I was too scared to go out and fix the latch on it.  Hey, you weren't around when that Uton Alexander guy was causing havok... those were scary times!”

"I saw a large fellow with two others in robes.  They was whispering to the big one and brought him to an old shed.  I thought I heard a girl's voice from inside, but then a small figure ran oddly from the doorway into the snowy woods.  Almost like it did'nt have no knees.  Must have been one of those gnomes or brownies.  It was size of a childrens doll.  And those three men never came out from the shed.  They may still be there.  I aint goin' back there."

“Powerful beasts these were, took out one of those Reigns huntin'em without much of a challenge.”

"A giant, three headed lizard?  You need to lay off the Satyr's Wine..."

"Did you hear about Ol' Dan?  Some Kobold came up to his farm and started telling him to get off his land.  Poor crazy kobold didn't know Ol' Dan kept a crossbow behind his door.  I'm thinking Ol' Dan knows what he's doing!"

"That Jonas Kane is something else.  He fixed up that inn so pretty like, I almost feel uncomfortable going there, like it's too much class for me.  Heck, it was even WARM in there!  No, I ain't crazy Earl... I tells ya, it was actually WARM!  Oh to heck with ya, you go see fer yerself!"

“With all this ice and snow that poor elven scholar can't even reach Travance. Hopefully she'll get here soon as the ground thaws.”

“I sure envy those barbarians and all them furs they wear. Could do with a few myself with this cold!”

“Ya, I heard that the hunters killed two of the beasts last Feast.  Were'nt the first pair in the last few months either.  Wonder whats drawing the shifters to Travance this time.”


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