“My fellow farmer told me that while the grounds frozen we should be learnin' stuff to keep our farms safe. Sounds kinda silly to me, that's what we have all these heroes for.”

“Nice work they are doing on the Inn, would be a shame if something happened to it.”

"My grandchildren were visiting over the yule. Wonderful time! Me and the kids made a little snow army around the front of the house. One of my son saw fox tracks later that day, and in the morning, it was dead in front of the house. It looked like it knocked into a snowman and died."

"Strangest thing.  I saw a little boy speaking to his doll.  When I went over to see if he was lost, I could have sworn the doll looked right at me.  Creeped me out.  Anyway, I havent seen that boy again in about a month.  I did hear about Jeb saw a discheveled little girl behind his barn was holding a similar doll."

“WANTED: Silas Moore for murder, cannibalism, kidnapping, and the commission of crimes against nature. DEAD or ALIVE!”

“I saw a buncha goblinoids out scouting around the outskirts of my farm north of the Skylarie Mountains last week.  I came into town to warn the guard, they all had the image of the fist clutching a serpent… luckily I got my family outta there.”

“I heard the last batch of Dragon's Breath liquor out of the Highlands was tainted, and making people sick. Drink it at your own risk!”

“Cold nights dead cold hearts.  Beware the paths at night!”

"When the wisps turn blue, it'll mark your doom. When the wisps turn black, you'll never come back!”

"Daddy says Andorra knits big fluffy sweaters for Valos and Galadel so they can watch over us even in winter. Does that mean snow is the gods lint?"

“There were some bounty hunters in town recently, m'boy found their gutted corpses hanging from a tree.”

"The famer said he found a loon in his frozen over corn field.  He kept mentioning that this Agra Xul would bring the Avatar of Glomm into the world.  Whats an Avatar?"

“I swear that cave reeks worse'n usual. Smells like rotting flesh and I hear hissing comin' from it. Keep the kids away from there cause Valos knows what's in there!”

“An old gypsy matron was telling me my fortune, and told me I would marry a Lord!  I wonder which one it will be...”

“This terrible winter was the true curse of Akhena-Set!  I heard when the mummy was finally entombed, he cursed the town to be buried under a massive snowfall this winter…”

"Stock up on food now while you can, I hear the Baronial supplies are going to run out before the next month is over!


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