"You hear about that templar lady comin' in?  ...I wonder if she got a sister.."

"I heard Sir Germaine was brought back from the brink of death by that Wild Mage... you think she put any demon blood in his veins while he was down?"

"It's been a while since we had all four lords sitting at the same table... I wonder how long until one of them gets bumped off or leaves..."

"My well has been full since summer, but the water I bring up is black like ink. Normally, I think it's just muck, but I lost count after scooping up the buckets full of the stuff."

“Ya' know what I love 'bout th' cold? Sittin' in the Inn with a nice warm cider, knowin' all them heroes are here ta protect us”

“My cousin in Bordertown sent me a letter, said she’s bringing her family here.  She worked in some wealthy merchants household who was exposed as a demon of some sort….  Dangerous times when a mother bringers her family to Travance to stay safe….”

“My brother in the Monastery said something in his last letter about a Gaian Templar coming to town real soon, looking to give a test or something.”

“Whatever happened about that Opal Downs prison you were mumbling about, too much brandy that night, eh?”

"There been an unusual amount of ravens out lately.  My boy likes ta go bird watchin' and he be sayin' they all over the place"

“Did you hear about that poor elven scholar? She was on her way to the proper and attacked! They left her with nothin' but the clothes on her back.”

“What with fall endin' and winter startin' I'd think them wolves would be on the prowl again. Watch yer back, and yer stock!”

"War!  The King has dragged us into THEIR war.  He's been shipping our people to help those foreigners.  I mean, who cares about Khitan anyway?!"

"I know smoke over Pendarvin is normal. Black is from the forge. White is from fireplaces and camps. But what in the name of Gaia is blue smoke from?"

"Just last week I killed about 10 snakes around my shed!  I don't know where they coming from!"
"Yea?  I had about 6 try and sneak in my house!"

“Travance was awfully quiet for a week. I guess even heroes take some time off.”

"That new Dark Elf is still an unknown, and until he declares his loyalty to the Baron in public, I'm keeping a sword out and ready, especially at night!"

"New moon a comin'.  I hate travelin' the roads when it's so dark out."

"Ugh, I don't feel so good.  What was in tha............."

"There's a rumor going around that certain people better mind their own business!"


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