"Yup, saw some Khitan emissary on his way to see the King while I was ont he other side of the Rift nota few days ago.  Not sure what's going on but seems mighty important. "

"You hear 'bout that bedouin holiday, Halajh’awen?  All of them desert folk turn into necromancers for one night & eat people."

"Something has been sneaking into my pumpkin patch and smashing them to bits! I'm going to catch the culprit and tie him to my post as a scarecrow! That'll teach them!"

"I heard some big heroes managing to recover a hammer made of pure gold from some evil tower.  I sure hope they're gonna melt it down to pay for more guardsmen though, I can ever get a lick of rest around here.... always some goblins or whatnot causing trouble."

"Can you believe that some of the nobles actually wanted to make a deal with those Fomor things?  They cast necromancy like it was second nature and they wanted to deal with them.  I tell you this town is slowly sinking into darkness"

"So you say there was a whole mess of them armed to the teeth?"

"Old Bart's farm down the road seems to be much quieter this past week.  Haven't seen that little girl of his runnin' round and his wife hadn't stopped by for any apples this week.  I'm afraid it might be some sickness, I wouldn't go over there if I was you...."

"Those new highland people gave us some cows and sheep right? Why does that mean we have to fight their war for them? Just send them back where they came from, says I!"

"Don't care what no one says.  Travance is a good place.  Ain't no where that don't have it's problems.  Sides, we seem to attract a lot of people looking to make a name for themselves, heroes or would-be-heroes alike.  Complain all ya want.  I appreciate umm."

"Gettin' late in the year, 'bout that time that bullywugs start makin' their thievin' raids in the wee hours. Sleep lightly!"

"I swear on Gaia's golden hair, I found a satchel full of coins just lying there in the woods! I mean, it was off the road alright, and I think I heard monsters not too far away, but who can beat free money just lying on the ground..."

"There was this wood elf living in the forest, I forgot his name but I mistook him for a dragoon until I saw his ears. He had so many body markings and items with dragons on them, he almost cleaved me in two with his polearm when I asked him about it."

"The day of the witch is almost upon us.  I shudder to think what terrors the night has in store for us."

"I was out hunting for a deer the other morning, when I ran into an orc! He was screaming something about invaders or something, I thought I was a goner until he got caught up in some kind of vine... thank Valos he tangled himself up pretty good in that vine and I was able to run away!  No, I'm not making this up!"

"I like the one about the woman, the fisherman, and the apple slices. Tell that one!"

"I swear he stepped into the shadows and was gone, I don't go anywhere out at night now without several torches"

"No way! A tamed Tamaril Boar? No way! You'd have to be part-animal or something to even try a stunt like that. They're angry, fat, pigs, and should be left alone!"

"No full moon this month, I'm not sure whether to be relived or scared"

"Thank Valos it's fall. The crunchy leaves means shifty folk have to work harder to sneak up on me! Hehehe!"

"I heard some priest of Gaia is coming all the way from across the Rift, just to bless our Harvest.  Don't know what much he's gonna bless, we woulda starved this winter without all them livestock from those Hibernians!."

"Whatever happened to that Forgom guy...?  I heard the Count gave him his own land just so he would stop wrestling all the bears in Travance.  Glad he's not around 'ere no more though, I don't think he ever washed those furs he wore...."


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~Lord Gorn Solcastin to Roland Darkstone, on life in Travance

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