"My dog's gone missing.  First the cat, now the wolf hound.  I thought I saw him out by the barn, but then I saw the ears and tail - it was a rat as high as my waist!  I don't let my kids out at night any more..."

"You see all those notes by the Clergy?  Ya know what, I bet one of them is a Glommite, and trying to get everyone into a fight..."

"My little daughter thinks she's a druid. Git'cha 'Aww' out of the way, because it ain't cute no more. First it was birds, then rodents and game. Last night, I caught her talking to a pair of wildcat. Do Wild Mages come in a tree-hugger variety now?"

"Am I crazy? Please tell me you seen that fella last night too? First I thought he was flirtin’ with me. He looked dark and mysterious, so I got a little closer for a better look. Wished I hadn’t. I ran home so fast! He looked like we was all sewn together!"

"I saw that Knight, you know the elf? Yep, he was woowin' that Hibernian girl. Could be trouble if you ask me, she got a big brother! Makes me so mad, plenty of ladies for him here and he's gotta pick a newcomer?"

"I ain't never seen so much ruckus over an execution.  Strange though, nobody seems to care about the death as much as how it was done... Necromancy's a fool's errand but they say the guy who done it coulda just punched him to death as easily."

"I heard those Hibernians are late with the cattle run this month. Was expecting them in Pendarvin about 10 days ago."

"Did you see that group of children beat up that farmer the other day? They couldn't have been more than 12 or 13 summers! And the leader was wearing one of those funny round Londwynian hats!"

"I'm kinda confused. Who's runnin' Travance? The Count or the Baron? I ain't joinin' any damn militia till I know for sure!"

"I was being chased down by an Ogre, and I thought I was dead!  I tripped and fell, and the next thing I know, it's on top of me... literally.  It keeled right over, an arrow buried in its left eye up to the fletchings.  Never saw who fired it, nor their tracks... musta been one of them wood elves!"

"That Lord Templar is making a play for control of the church, I betcha. His cousin the Inquisitor keeps wanting to “Question” everybody. Don’t know what to think about that!"

"My sons been out ridin’ around on that new pony we got him for his name day. Said he keeps seeing some kinda magic doors opening up all over."

"...sounded like a big pack a wolves if you ask me. I was spooked!"

"...and so I told my boy to stop snacking so late at night, gives him nightmares.  The last one?  Something about children with daggers and swords for hands, and a big guy with some kinda sword belted onto his arm!"

"That was THE best steak I had in years. Did you say Jonas has been gettin' his meat from those new herdsman in the kilts?"

"If we're very, very lucky, we might catch a Taramil out horading food for the winter.  May be a bit early yet, but who knows?"

"Dinner with Evernight?  I wonder what fell deals they made with the enemy over wine and cake, while we sit out here toiling our fields in the hot sun!"

"Did you hear about that farm out past the graveyard? Farm that size needs alot of hands but only one man has been seen doin' all the work by hisself. And I'll be damned if those tomatoes aren't bigger than my fist!"

"I seen a big camp set up just outside Travance. Had a big banner with a black bird flyin’ high. Aint seen that one before, must be some visitin’ noble house of somthin."

"I dunno how ta 'splain it to ya Sam.  It were a cabin that taint ne'er been there before, light pouring out tha windows.  I ain't ne'er felt so happy ta be alive, so full of life."

"I heard that some strange Bedouins have been asking questions about folks in Travance. They don't dress like merchants and are carrying more weapons than Solomon Darkheart."

"Say have you noticed that there aren't nearly as many stray cats running around the proper these days."

"Wow, have you tried this Kittanesse food that they have been serving at market faire?  Its amazing I've never tasted anything like it."

"Some guard from Alisandria said that the Lord was returning from his tour of the lands."



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