"Ya hear about those two funerals them dirty gypsies had? Burning that extra wood we should be saving for winter... Good riddance I say!"

"An entire prison lined in Mithril, much less one cell - what, does the stuff grow on trees?  That's enough mithril to outfit an army!"

"I hear there's rumblings between Gaaldaron and Quinarian again - both kinds o' pointy-ears may be going to war!  I hope it doesn't involve us..."

"Some guy claiming to be an archaeologist has been coming by lookin' for some folks to dig up a cave in the swamps.  I wonder what he found?"
"I sure as hell don't want any part o' that, there ain't nothing but evil out there!"

"One of the major mines in Calisvorin collapsed - the prices of gems and ore are going to skyrocket!  I hear it was goblin sappers, trying to wreck their economy..."

" . . . and you say he's just been sitting under that tree there all week and hasn't moved?  Yup, went to check to see if he was alive.  He just smiled at me and said he was meditating.  I swear, those foreigners can be strange."

"Papa says rainbows only happen during the day and after the rain shower, but I saw one at night. It was awesome! It was like a ball and it flew towards the mountains. I bet there's like, a ba-jillion million gold where ever it landed!'

" 'Eard from da dock workers dat der were some stow-aways found on one of da ship dat dock in Drega'mire.  When day found 'em the stow-aways up and disappeared on them.   I heard it was ghosts and the ship was haunted!    Bah, superstitious none-sense I say!"

"Them lizardmen have been getting a bit violent as of late. Not sure what caused them to act up."

"What gives, hardly a drop of rain and now more heat.  Its going to be a dismal harvest, time to break out ole grammy's recipes of witchcraft"

"The Valosians are angry. Hit the dirty and pray to Gaia you aren't around for when they snap!"

"I heard some hunters came around last month for Sir McMutton.  What fools thought they could take in the Spellbreaker!"

"Sure we had a nice crop, that is until those wolves came and ate it. Had to be something weird, cause I ain't never heard of wolves eatin' corn..."

"'Nother body been found out by the moar.  Strangest thing thought... not a mark on the body... as if he wandered out of his house and dropped dead fer no reason!"

"They were given grim fortunes too.  Can you believe that the Baron allows such crows to wander the proper."

"Wait we have light clergy in this town?  I thought that when the Tellingasts left so did the rest of the church?"

"Been hearing these dreadful howls and screams from the forest late at night, can't find some shuteye for fear of wakin' up dead!"

"I heard from one of those Khitans that their whole country is at war.  Not only with another country but with itself too!  don't their leaders know how to keep things in line?"






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