Did you see that giant tent set up outside of town? I heard it was some rich Bedouin Merchant. Sure has some pretty harem girls with him.

Yup! Right in the middle of the night. When the wife and I went to bed she were sound asleep and when we woke up, gone! I don't think she would have run away though...

You hear about...that one... aw forget it and pass me more ale from the cellar. It's too blasted hot for stories! I bet'cha Lord Ardentfyre is relaxing easy, on account of those markings on his face.

Dangit Dangit Dangit!!! How am I suppose to water my crops if it gets polluted with the scum and grime of trolls, gnolls, and any other creature that turns it into some kind of swimming hole?!? AAARRRGGG!!!!!!

If we ain't careful, Kaladonia is going to go up like a tinderbox! I thought I heard some creepy giggling after every snapping twig I stepped on. Only when I was walking back on one path did I hear it.

I heard it was poison.  Ever' night Steward Blackthorn has a cup o' wine with Lord Devirr an' slips him a little o' the ole rat poison.  He'll be dead in two months, an' then who'll be Lord I wonder, eh?

I heard that monster Vardamis Worthington is back in town.  Sure he used to be Lord of Alisandria, and sure he was Klarington Everest's white sorcery apprentice.....but he plays with Time.  I'm telling you that man aint safe.

Sure everyone knows about the Reliquary, where old Klarington Everest kept his oddities....but have you ever heard of Opal Down, the baronies secret prison?  Criminals from all over Kormyre have been sent to the Down to be forgotten about, thats why they built the town in such a backwater place as this!  I heard the cells are made of black mythriel, there must be tons of it down there.  Don't believe me, ask 'round!  Someone in the Baronial Court must know something about it.

I swear, those gypsies cause all kinds of trouble. Old woman went to read my fortune and then went all funny. Started mumbling something about a map and treasure. Does that mean I'm supposed to find it or is she just touched in the head?

It's really not his fault! Me son decided to have a little fun with that gypsy caravan and spooked the horses. Next thing I know they hexed him som'thin fierce. Boy can't talk and all he can eat is hay.

Ya don't say, well I would have been the last to expect him as being a necromancer.  He was so nice and quiet, good with the local kids.  Well you can never tell I suppose.  Do you think the town guard will be able to track him down?

Ah mid summer a time of festival and the first harvests of the year.  Now if we could only get some rain we might be able to feed our families for the coming year.

The woods have been so quiet at night.  I swear I don't hear the howling of the wolves anymore, and can't say I've seen a bear in weeks.  Its as if something is chasing all the big predators away.

Whooooooo, it's been a hot one!  Sure glad we have fresh water in the proper to drink.  Being out in this sun is hard work.

Dose damn Khitanese are takin' over da place!  First day move in on trade, and now dar tryin' to take over da fishin' business.  Saw a bunch of dem take a boat out just da oder day!

Yup my cousin ate a watermelon from the Johnson farm, swallowed a seed, and I swear a vines now growin' out his bellybutton.

Had to put him down.  Wasn't acting himself.  Snarling and carrying on.  Was too dangerous with the newborn around.  Gonna miss him.



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