"Yeah, so I was up at the inn one night enjoying a pint with the boys when this creepy old gypsy came up to me pointing her bony finger at me screaming "loup-garou, loup-garou!" Till some of the other gypsy's pulled here away.  Weird huh?  What do you suppose that meant anyway?"

"A wild-mage sanctuary? Good, I say! Round them all up in one place so we can dispose of them easier."

"Why doesn't m'lord Brightstar wear his own colors? Is he too good to represent his own lands?"

"Beware the serpent, for it spreads disease!"

"I heard we're gonna be blessed with a champion of Chronicler this feast!  Hopefully he's a coming to share some important knowledge with us...."

"Always sumfin odd goin on in tha swamps. Always."

"What kind of prankster steals your shoes and nails them to the wall? I blame that 'Jester' fellah!!"

"Now that Sla- ...Sir McDermitt is a knight, are we going to see a bunch of shadey bounty hunters try to take his place?"

"So yeah, the thing just jumped out an bit me! Can you believe it?  I swear if it wasn't for all those tree hugging Druids and Rangers I say we should just slaughter every last one of those furry creatures.  They only thing I can see that they contribute is ensuring I have fewer lambs in the spring...  Say does my hair look thicker to you?"

"Hey Inn-keep don't over cook my meat, I want it nice and rare!"

"What the heck is a Red Spire?  Some fool was mumbling about a red stone tower where darkness comes to life.  What a joke!......   right?"



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Ilana Darkwood: "I'd like to cast something on you, but do you have any prejudices against Wild Mages?"

Sir Renaudierre: "This is war, I don't have the time for prejudices."

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