"...all last week you say?  So many merchants were hit in so little time, guess I'll be staying in tonight!"

"...See I think Wild Mage hunting should be left to the professionals, just the other day people come saying a small village was anniliated.  Must have been a bunch of those demon bloods... pray they don't come this way."

"...Did you hear about the lizardkin raiding parties?  Guess Hibernation season's over...."

"I coulda sworn I heard someone mumblin somethin about a Hexensomethin' in the Inn the other night... I need to stop drinkin I guess..."

"Did you notice the number of bright flashes of light happening at night? Like a firefly exploded, it was."

"Some guy found a wishing well inside a cave up in the mountains. The fool tested it by tossing a copper, and wishing he was warmer. He found a nice wool cap right behind the dang thing! I wonder what happens if you toss a gold in?"

"Nature is getting five kinds of crazy, Hal! I had no vines on the side of my house. Now; It's freakin' everywhere! That ain't right."

"I'm amazed we survived the colder months, so much food was stolen and destroyed.  Praise Gaia, I thought the Fenwick family would starve to death, but I just saw the mother in the proper buying supplies.  Her baby must be sick though, I don't see it with her, the poor thing.  I'm sure I heard it crying just last night."

"Oh, the warm weather's a blessing, you say?  Bah!  It's a curse!  Just as the heroes don't go out in the cold, there are some evils that stay away in the winter.  No, I don't just mean the damn mosquitoes!"

"There were some bears in that cave, I'm sure of it.  I stumbled on one in the winter months, nearly woke it up!  I went back last week and they were gone.  Weird thing was, it was like they were never there, it didn't even smell the same."

"Do you think if I hire a Kitieran as a farm hand, the birds will keep away? Last three scarecrows I put up 'walked off' in the middle of the night. Mother says it's youngin's but my gut tells me you-know-who! . . .Fallow."

"Looks like there'll be good huntin' this year.  Seeing lots of deer and bird out an about already.  Maybe even the beasties will leave us alone since there's so much to go around."

"What's wrong with him?"  "Don't tell no one I told ya but them people from across the sea staying in there ship at the docks.  They have somethin' for the hooka that seems to make you feel reeeeally good."

"The weather has been intolerable.  Completely unpredictable.  There must be some sort of magic user behind all of this!"

"Deck of Many things...??  Is it true that one might be around Travance....?"

"Some Khitans were found dead.  Don't have a kewl why they were killed.  Nothin' was taken from them.  Really odd."

"Strange howlings coming from the forests of late.  Not your normal howling either, this made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up."

"I swear I was being watched my entire walk home.  Eyes from every tree, like I was some prey animal being stalked by a predator.  My hands are still shaking."

"No, I'm serious!  I went to take my shift and relieve the guards at that tower and they were all dead again.  Getting the tower posting is serious punishment.   We almost got dead ourselves.  The guy that'd dunnit was pounding on one of the doors, screaming about some ghost key or something.  We barely got out without him seeing us."


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