"You know, I never heard any news that the Shantytown Shanker had been caught. It's probably best to stay clear of that side of town, anyway."

"It were awful odd.  I go out to me huntin' lodge, you know it, the one just a few hours from the Proper.  I get there, I walk inside, and all at once, I were back in me house!"

"Oh goodness.  Have you seen all those new graves they've been digging in the graveyard?   Those poor people survive the horrors of the Rift crossing only to get murdered just outside the proper.   I hear it was only one man who dunnit it all.  They say he rooted through all their stuff but didn't take none of the valuables.  Who robs and murders caravans without taking the money?"

"Gods bless them Wild Mage hunters running about, knocking on doors, makes a man feel safe, I say.  I hear they killed Donny Manus, Evan's boy, who'd have thought that a seven year old could be so dangerous!"

"When I attended the feast last month, I was unnerved by three creepy-looking fellas with blank, white eyes. Gives me shivers just thinkin' about 'em"

"Sure was funny last night, someone actually was askin' for Seamus!  I'm figurin he probably owed him money though...."

"I thought the Veniir were under control!  What happened?!"

"Three years now and that wheat field always ends up on fire this time of year, I always thought it were some monters or other.  But I done took a look at it just yesterday, and it bloody well burst into flames all on it's own!"

"'ave you seen the construction down at Port Valandra? Looks like someone's been commissionin' a ship outta the dockyards there. Word about the work quarter's that it's bein' christened the 'Lodestar'."

"Last night behind my home I heard some rather unruly screaming and cheering.  I went to go investigate what was going on and up not too far in the mountains I saw what looked to be a war camp!"

"I heard that big man in the kilt gave up some holy relic or something to help get rid of the plague. I haven’t seen him since.  Wonder what happened?"

"I heard most of the western half of Pendarvin is being overcome by raging barbarians.  Are they after something or what?"

"Me and my little Jake was out by the old mill yesterday. We sees a few men taking up after a fellow with a hood on, and he was the best archer I ever seen! Whipped out 10 arrows faster than lightnin’, and got ‘em all in chest of a straw man he was shootin’ at. I asked one a his men if he’d take my Jake and teach him how to shoot like that. Turned me down though.  Says he’d only teach someone with a little more age on him than my boy. He had some elven name, Cael Deth’Rah or something like that I think they said. Never got a good look at his face though, but they seemed nice enough."

"Whatever happend to that legion of hobgoblins?"  "Eh, who cares!  They're gone amirite?"


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Rudolph: "How long has it been since you were last in Travance?"

Orias: "7 years or so."

Rudolph: "That would have been when Klarington Everest was Baron, was it not?"

Orias: "I murdered Klarington Everest."

Rudolph: "How awkward. Allow me to change the subject."

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