"Damn gypsies, thinking they can get away with their witchery in this town?  There's a reason they're wanderers... they're not welcome anywhere else, either!  Even Coasthaven won't take them in!"

"Last winter, my grain stores were spoiled by rats, so I got a cat this year to deal with them.  Now the cat's missing, and judging by the size of the tracks in my barn, I think the rats are fatter than ever..."

"They say that when Morwenne heard the news of her husband's passing, the very earth shook with her sobs.  I am telling you, she is one sorceress you do NOT want to cross!"

"I saw a noble woman walking towards the Proper with a few body guards.  They all wore kilts, but none were the same.  I wonder what she wants in Travance?"

"Someone named Belmont was asking around the Inn for Witch Hunters of note... I mentioned Seamus Del'Dragon, and he just snickered"

"I heard they buried their treasure under that old abandoned caravan.  200 silver at least, and it's ours for the taking!"

"They executed my boy last night.  He got his'self bit by a werewolf, there was nothing we could do.  Good thing I say, that aint no way to live."

"Goblins, drow, black dwarves, cat people, forest men, river men, barbarians, fairy people, halflings, and now the flippity flop Londwyns are starting trouble?!  Who in hell is watching our borders?  I thought Kormyre was an empire of Man." 

"I heard someone talking about murdering The Baron at the feast next moon!  They was medium height with longish short hair that was a light black, and his eyes were blueish-brown.....keep a look-out..."

"The Kingdom has closed off the RiftGate! The caravans are stuck here! Why is this happening?!"

"No, it was huge with giant red wings.  It slaughtered everyone in the neighbors farm and his livestock.  It came after us and then stopped.  It looked around like it didn't know where it was or how it got there.  They it just left!  By the gods we were spared somehow."

"What's with all these elves showing up in Kormyre?   I just came across the rift a few days ago and there's dozens of elven sorcerers coming in from Quinaria over there.   I heard one of them talking about the Rift and portals.  They looked mighty upset."

"Did ya hear?  All his daughters went missing.  POOF just like that!  Why would they all run away?  He loved and cared for them all.  Poor guy."

"All of it!?"  "Yup, every single last animal on my farm looks like it was mauled by dogs.  I can't explain it.  I heard howling the other night but didn't see a thing."  "And you say the carcasses were covered in black ickor?  Strange."

"I sure glad I ain't no Mage.  Overheard a deal goin' on.  Some guy paying big money for the heart of some Mage."

"Seems like the Baron might be snapping out of it and finally stepping up to his responsibilities."  "Ha!  I'll believe it when I see it."

"You must be losing it."  "No I swear!  When I was ice fishing 2 weeks ago I saw a beautiful woman swimming under the ice!"

"I sure don't trust no stinkin' demonkin even if a lord vouches!  She still a demon whether anyone likes her or not!  I thank the Seneschal for pointin' it out, otherwise I might've told her how to make my wife's secret beef stew recipe!"

"Last night I got jumped by a bandit!  I thank the gods I'm still alive today!  Strange though, he asked me if I had a map and didn't care none about the silver I had in my pocket."

"He's watching me... he's always watching me. You're one of them, he's all of you. He's got the peasants too... I think one of them bit me earlier..."

"I'm sick, my boys are sick, my wife is sick, it seems like everyone I know but the dog is sick. Must have something to do with those crazies we saw."

"I could have sworn I saw some really big rats out in the woods."


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