"The Exchequer has Leprosy?  I'm not handing him my money!  I might catch it just being around him!"

"I hear some of the barbarian tribes of Pendarvin have gone mad. Raiding nearby villages and slowly carving a trail of havoc that's getting closer and closer to the proper!"

"I be hearin' strange sounds comin' from out at sea.  What evar it iss I hope it be stayin' out dar!"

"Yeah and thats when we dragged the rotten thief out of his house by his boots! Yeah we strung him up, let it serve as a warning to anyone that would steal from another man!  What, well yes I do suppose he did scream innocence, but seriously are you going really going to believe that?"

"Mommy doesn't believe me.  I saw a ghost outside my window last night"

"I thought Sorcerers were a rare breed.  Last feast I counted ten!  What the heck is in the water around here?!?"

"20 acres of winter wheat, lost, all lost.  I tell you I've never seen such a swarm of locusts, and in January no less."

"Goblins on the town guard, an Orc running raffle, and an Ogre performing at the Baron's feast.  An OGRE?! I thought we were at war with the greenskins?"

"I swear someone's been sneaking around the Monastery late at night, but when I go to look all I find is a bit of sand around the windowsills...."

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  But there he was swinging by his neck from a thick branch.  Well I guess it serves him right stealing another mans winter store."

"Did you hear?  These brothers are fighting over some plants.  Each is trying to pay off anyone willing to help them get it before the other brothers get it.  I might just look into this."

"I heard when they were investigating that murder in shanty town the guards found five more of the shanker's victims."

“I heard that Jonas Kane accepted a shipment of wine that might have been poisoned, but he got it at half cost!”

"I saw a really fancy dressed person on that Khitanese boat down at the docks.  Heard there is some sorta meeting that's gonna happen soon.  All sorts of important people gonna be there."

"You listen to that tomfoolery? For the last time, there may have been a murder, but the Shantytown Shanker doesn't exist! Probably just some poor sap who owed too much to the casino."

"What happen to your boots!?"  "I keep stepping in this strange black goo down at the beach front when I come back from fishing.  Must be those damn Londwyns polluting things up again."



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