This guy with a puppet killed my family, destroyed my home and no one did anything! The nobles, heroes, not even the town guard jumped up to help me! How can we rely on people like that to save us!?

I don't understand it.  These heroes of Travance brave their way into the greatest of danger, but refuse to help any of us if the weather is a little cold or rainy?

People need to lay off the Nobles, they have a hard job.  I was working the Manor and over heard some of the crap they have to deal with.  No thank you!  I'll stick to carpentry.   Now if you want to complain about someone lets talk about those lazy Guardsmen.

Ladies and gentlemen from near and far, come one, come all, bring your luck, your arms and armor and legs and arms because have I got a splendidly fantastic game for you. And trust me when I say that this one is a real deal of a doozy. Just come on down to the good doctor's land of fun, and remember most extra importantly to leave a good deal of your sanity home or you might end up losing it forever.

Out of nowhere those annoying Trolls were just gone! I mean...I'm not sad in any way that they are gone, but it was very sudden. Good riddance...but I wonder what happened?

*sob* He...he just told me to leave.  *sniff* That he didn't love me any longer.  *sniff* And...and that he was going to marry this...this WHORE!  I've never even seen her before in my life!  Where did she come from?  Why MY husband!?  *sob* It's so unlike him...  *sob*

Now ther's an even BIGGER boat from them ther Khitanese lands at the docks.  This one looks all fancy like.  I wonder what in sam-hell is goin' on?

Zahir is not giving up... I wonder if he'll ever catch the guy that robbed him

It was awful... he stopped, sniffed, and said "Do you smell lamp oil?". A moment later, the entire cave was ablaze! I was lucky to make it out, even in this sorry state. It must have been a trap, but why?

I came into town to report how the Goblins have been stealing my winter food stores. I was directed to a Town Guard member and she ignored me. What is this town coming to when you can no longer go to authority to solve your problems. If my family starves this winter I blame it all on the nobility.

Passing through Altrion on me travels,was a man wit the most amazin' tings! How do ya think I rid meself of that bald spot on the back of me head?

So, how do you catch a thief?  I mean, I hear that guards are supposed to, but then if guards could catch them so well, why are things still up and disappearing?

I've survived three winters in Travance, and each year it always seems worst after the Yule, I'm not sure why.  I suspect that the seasonal heroes are gone.  Maybe they should suspend taxes in the winter, lower the prices of the stuff at market faire, give people an incentive to stay.

I've got a secret for staying warm, come here and let me show you.  Shh, not so loud, don't want others to hear


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