"That Barbarian musta got hit on the head in a fight or somethin'... wasn't she married to that Nightwing guy?  Why's she callin' herself Autumnsong now?  Says she don't even know'em!"

"Did you see that painting Jefferson bought? Thing gives me the creeps!  Looks kinda strange for a normal painting."

"Oi hate tha winter.  It's cold, its wet, it's depressin', but worse than tha, it's dark.  And with witch 'unters gettin' tha shiv, who we s'possed ta turn to?"

"Ever since those Dwarves have been let into the proper, they're just diggin' everything up! They say they're lookin' for artifacts, but whose to say they aren't up to no good!!"

"With the winter coming, be alert for ash rats. They'll be drawn to your fireplace, and will burn your whole cottage down if you're not careful."

"Have you been having trouble with spiders lately?  I musta killed ten or twelve today alone.  One were the size of me fist!"

"Did ja see dem Khitanese ships in the docks?  What ya suppose dar here fur?"

"Those lizard folk have been twitchier than usual. And they look downright sickly. I'd stay away from them if I was you."

"It's not a question of loyalty, Johnathan!  We need to know how to defend ourselves!  The guard is useless, the nobility in shambles and the winter is here.  If we don't protect our own, no one else will!"

"I know you don't believe me but she disappeared right in front of me! She had a skull painted on her face and everything!"

"Mom, I think there's ghost in the caves by the shore!  I heard them when I was playing on the beach, and during the day even!  I'm scared . . . hold me."

"I wasn't drunk, I just had a few pints at the Dragon's Claw.  I'm telling you the shadows were moving!  No I didn't have Dragon's Breath!"

"My word, I must need new glasses.  I could have sworn I saw a giant rat scrubbing the deck on one of those Khitanese ships in the docks."

"At least now with the cold, those damn tribes seem to be coming out less, least them what got away with our crops.  Getting fat off of our labors, damn things!  Still, could have been worse I guess, at least we got enough in the storehouse for the season."

"I heard a man laughing about a price on his head.  He was talking about taking all the wealth in Travance just by being a bad enough man.  Thing is, I couldn't see his face, and I could have used the money!"

"Snakeoil dealers you say?  Got stuff to make my hair grow back and cure my aches and pains?  Too good to be true if you ask me!"



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~Lord Gorn Solcastin to Roland Darkstone, on life in Travance

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