"I swear the Drega'mire swamps smell worse than usual."

"I hear Magnus' VonRitter test was to stake a sparkly vampire. I bet it was them that killed him for vengeance!"

"For the last time, you fool, Zolton didn't bury any treasure on the shore of the lake!"

"How come all those filthy barbarian's got invited to the ball, but not me?"

"Ezekial just barely made it out of the cave before it collapsed.  He said the last thing he heard before the collapse was the sound of digging and weird voices saying something that sounded like 'Meat'."

"What do you mean graveyards have been ransacked? They left the jewelry and took the bodies? Who does that?"

"Did you hear about the Londwynians trying to get permission to examine the grounds around the Inverted Tower? Don't they know that land is cursed!"

"My son was kidnapped two nights ago after closing up our fabric shop. He just returned this morning, looking a terrible sight, and said that it was cultists praying to Agaura that took him. They hauled him off to a spot just by the main road between Travance and Caer Bridaig, and tortured him until he collapsed and blacked out. They left him for dead, but Gaia's mercy he was found by a healer traveling by and saved. We haven't the faintest idea why they would have taken our son, and to his memory they didn't do anything apart from torture him for no apparent reason - they never asked him for information of any sort. They even left him with his pouch of gold on his belt and none of it missing. What? Well sergeant, then whom should I file this report with?"

"I swear...his face was painted with a skull and he wore bones around his neck. Of course I didn't ask his name! I ran like hell!"

"Damn guards don't believe me! Vampire's are draining my livestock dry and they won't do a damn thing!"

"I tell you my cousin killed that deer with one shot by the time he got up there to gut it, it looked like it had been rotting for weeks."

"I can't trust you! You might be one of them!  They're taking control! Sneaking in and taking over our minds!"

"I hear the Londwyn's had a fit being told by one of our Nobles to cease their infernal machines.  This won't go well I tell you."

"I seen him.  Since then I been getting nightmares.  There is an evil out there in the form of a child's toy!"

"Boy, Jackson over there sure has some nice shoes..  Wait, stop!  Why are you pummeling him!?"

"The winter is coming fast, I hope we have enough food to last out the snows."

"My mom said that something was watching us from the window.....I think its the great Yule Fairy making sure I am good."

"Something smells funny in the woods these days...like a rotting corpse."

"I like these lords, I wonder who will be assasinated first though."

"MMMMMmmmm, Apple pie... hey, it worked for Honey Butter!"

"My harvest is ruined!  We can't feed our families on this blackened filth, all my cattle are sick from drinking from those stinking streams! If the Lords don't take action to stop the Londwyn's then we farmers will."

"For two nights now I been hearing screams comin' from out there in the middle of the night. Sometimes they's over there and sometimes they's over that way, never the same place twice."

"My boy was with our herd in the foothills between Pendarvin and the Proper the other day and came upon a hunting shack up there, set back under an overhang. Well, the sheep kept their distance for whatever reason and when my son started getting close to it, well, he got the creeps something fierce and decided the sheep had the right idea. Oh, where it was exactly I can't say. And neither can he, which is the strange thing 'cause normally he's real good with places and directions."

"Them Dark Dwarves stopped attacking the caravans! But I heard they are mighty upset with something that happened at the Winterdark Ball!"

"I'll never understand the nobles. I long for the rule of Baron Yahtzi once more!"


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