"I saw a strange man with a puppet walking through Kaladonia the other night, I didn't even want to think about what he was after."

"Might as well eat the damn thing.  So what if it's a little darker, the meat smells fresh, can't be anything serious."

"No, it were a book salesman I found!  Had all kinds of interesting literature.  Seemed to have a 'private stock' of sorts as well."

"Oh, mate, you don't want to have a go at her.  Micky tried puttin' on the charm just yesterday and she laid him out faster than a troll on horseback."

"Go on, just a taste!  Stuff will send you to the moon and back it will!"

"There I was down in the swamps checking my traps when I heard this horrible noise coming from over the hill.  Well it commenced to boomin and bangin for several minutes and then suddenly stopped.  When I went to investigate I found em dead all these lizard folk cut down and no signs of who done it what so ever.  Strange part too I couldn't tell ya what killed'em too. "

"Heard the Londwyns have a sizable encampment nearby.  Bastard heathens everyone of them, care for nothing but their damn science."

"You know what used to be my favorite part of the feast? Honey-Butter"

"I don't understand!  My farm was being ruined by these goblins and when I asked for help, I was laughed at and told "We don't fall for traps that easy".  Now I have nothing left!  What happened to the good-hearted heroes this town once had?"

"Lots of harsh words on the posting board this past month. I pray to Andorra that temperance has prevailed."

"While patrolling for the Drega'Mire militia, my son's unit was ambushed by what I'm told were lizard-men zombies. They rose from the muck and my son's unit was eradicated save for one coward who fled and made the report. My entire savings to whoever avenges my boy!"

"Hard winters' a comin' for all of Travance.  All those farms having their crops stolen.  All those injured and killed farmers.  I hope there's enough food to go around.  Who ya suppose took it all?"

"I say, I heard wonderful things about this Baronial Feast that goes on monthly.  I was planning a small excursion to the proper with my family to see the nobles and riff raff alike.  You know, only bring 2-3 servants.  That was until I heard of how much dangerous activity has been going on in the surrounding land.  Quite dreadful!  I'm no hero, and I'll be damned if I leave my life in their hands.  I heard most will just sit around and sip tea rather then help those in need.  Huh!  Not long ago Travance had REAL heroes.  Where have THEY all gone?"

"Yup, that's what I said.  One had fangs like a vampire but it was broad day light!  The other a pointy tail!  They didn' start no trouble and I wasn't about to make any either.  I just served them some drinks, answered some questions, they left a nice tip and moved along.  But I couldn't help but feel really uneasy around them."

"Adventurers? HA! Sure they'll fight demons, undead and trolls, but the second it starts raining, they go running scared and let everything run rampant!"