"This old man told me that he once made a dark elf blush. Is that possible?! I mean how can you tell?!"

"What's this I hear about a tree coming to life again? I'd stay away from it if I were you..."

"What is with the scar on that purple eyed gypsy? One moment she has no scars and then-BAM- the ugly tree hit her..."

"Germaine has fallen. AGAIN! Time for him to go off the deep end."

"So why were the Tellinghasts looking for that Nightwing guy? Did he screw up? Is there going to be another inquisition?"

"Last night I heard the most terrifying thing, it sounded like a music box coming from the dark of the woods."

"There was a hell of a fight in the Inn on Friday night. The most surprising thing was how quickly Jonas Kane put down one of the ruffians using only his tankard."

"I heard the Goblinoids that were in Pendarvin were only a rear guard... do you think it's true what they said about Kaladonia?"

"It's rather strange, but suddenly I've had many requests in my shop for vampire ash. Where am I supposed to get something like that?"

"Prepare for the darkness" says the wind, "vengeance has returned" says the rain, "they come swiftly" says the earth. “We should be wary where we walk, for we do not know just who is watching” says I...

"I were out huntin' just yesterday night, saw the strangest buck ye'ever seen.  Fangs on him, I swears it!"

"I don't know what to do! I can't find my daughter!  She said something about music in the woods and just vanished!"

"No ones seen or heard from Marcus in over a month now.  And it'd be one thing if it were just him, but Jericho and Agatha Kinsbury have gone missing from what I hear.  I'm afraid to say it, but... could someone be hunting the witch hunters?"

"If I see one more Dryad sitting on a stump of a tree because some inconsiderate Londwynian, I'm going to take care of it myself!! Poor little fella, doesn't have a home any more."

"Blasted gophers! These mounds keep popping up all over my farm. One popped in the barn last night! A wack of the shovel knocks them down."


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