"Did you hear that the Tea man has been asking around about some farmer? Supposedly the guy owes him money..."

"I saw some people out in my field last night and when I took a look this morning there was a burnt out fire and they had trampled down half my rye!"

"Yup, roaring drunk after she left. He took the whole thing real hard, and get this: he says that while he was drowning his sorrows that some fella came up and was telling him that Malyc could help him. And I ain't talking about no jewel wearing portal maker. Right there in that little place we go to in Oringuard..."

"I was out in my corn field the other day, and part of the ground caved in.  That hole was way bigger then one a gopher makes though...."

"I'm worried about my cousin with this renewal of hostilities.  She stayed behind in a small village called Osterbrook near the mountains.  I pray to Andorra everyday that she goes unharmed, those hobgoblins can be monsters."

"Hide your children, the Nexnecis is coming!"

"Here's hoping there's more rain coming. The lands are so dry lately. I don't know if my cherry tree's can take this heat!"

"I heard that Londwyn is encroaching on the hobbit shires. Think Calisvorin will sit idle?"

"Why can't those damned greenskins move north instead of to us. Who's going to stop them? The Barbarians?"

"You remember that Abrom fellow? I swear I saw him on the caravan over, but he looked really distressed"

"I love my home in Drega'Mire, and respect Lord Corrado greatly, but I have to say I have little confidence in his choice of knights and advisers"

"Paying tribute to an orc army? *spits* This would never have happened under Everest!"

"I treated myself to some of the inn's pancakes and brought them outside to enjoy them in the sun. It was then that I saw a  goblin streaking across the field shrieking and carrying a sting of sausages..."

"So let me get this straight.  The heroes of the Barony went to save the fairying forest and while they were gone, a group of werewolves on leashes came storming out of the woods and attacked the Inn?  That's not Saytres Wine, is it?"

"Abrom is back?  Isn't he still wanted by the Barony for insulting a noble?  That's going to be quite interesting."

"That witchhunter friend of yours, Marcus I think you said his name was?  He said he'd come by and look into what's been killing my chickens.  Never showed up though.  Come to think of it, no one's seen him far as I can tell."

"Speaking of barbarians, they seem really aggressive lately.  Without anyone to calm them down, who knows whats going to happen?"


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