"I love this time of year! The sun shines longer, keeping the things the shadows back. I hope."

"Olkin said he saw lizardfolk digging near his apple tree." "But lizardfolk don't dig, Brunsol" "I know, and they were ruddy too."

"Remember when the Great Kormyrian Games came to Travance? I hope it comes back soon."

"So we've a land without a lord, a lord without a land, and two more lands whose lords you never see. We should say something to the Baron!"

"I'm not visiting the Black Orchid booth again... I hear somebody exploded after drinking their absinthe!"

"What vile rumors are going around about Lord Devirr?"

"Theres a strange curse about the inn... a friend of mine had looked at himself in the mirror near the bar and went blind!"

"I know it don't make no sense doc, but these memories...they're not mine!"

"You remember when Travance was at peace?  Back when you needn't fear for your life or carry a dagger to the privy?  When we could raise our children in safety?  No?  Yeah, me neither."

"Shady fellow come to the market today looking for hunting and trapping gear.  Strange though, didn't have a fur on him, just long black robes.  You don't think..."

"Was it just me or was that the quietest baronial feast we've ever had?!"

"I don't think its safe to eat anything in the inn anymore!  I got this really bad rash after having breakfast there the other day!"

"Them woodsmen was burning down parts of our forest the other day. Said it was diseased or somethin'."

"What happened to all our nobility...or our town guard for that matter? If I didn't know better I'd say they've given up on Travance."

"Valos protect us from that thing that comes out of Pendarvin at night! I've never been more scared in my life!"

"I don't know if you could even call it Honor's Peak anymore."


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