"Those gods forsaken Bullywogs have gone and empty my nets again. I had a box full of crawdads, and now, I'm suck with swampweeds!"

"Does anyone know someone who could use some coin for some heavy lifting?"

"That wild sylvan elf was trying to talk to me the other day... I think he said "Goblins taste like chicken"."

"What are all the druids so angry about lately?"
"Didn't you hear? Someone blew up their grove!"

"As I was headed towards the inn last feast, I passed two men of the church discussing how best to flay the skin from a heretic. You'd best stay on their good side."

"The mirrors... Demons are in the mirrors!"

"What if Valos was one of us..."
"You idiot! He was!"

"Is it just me, or has there been a whole lot of new growth of plants along the bay in Drega'mire. Like, it just rolled in overnight!"

"Too bad about all them folks forced out of Pendarvin. I hear the Nobles have them living in make shift camps for lack of anywhere else to put them. Bet food is tight..."

"Nah this lump will go down. I tell you I never saw him coming. But he didn't find my locket!"

"I didn't like the look o' that crowd. When that many folks go wondering at night, it makes for all kinds of trouble."

"Yup, right in the Passage of Ayrdor, weren't even to the cross roads when the whole caravan got raided. Heard they were looking for something in particular..."

"This strange smell is coming in from the bog, I thought it was just my cousin but nope... its the bog."

"Taxes, taxes and more taxes. How am I supposed to make a living when all my money goes to his Lord?!?!?!"

"Okay, so I was in the forest and I swear someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around and nobody was there.  Freaky... I know."

"Yeah I have a question for you? Have you ever blacked out and when you wake up there is blood all over your face?.... Hmmmm yeah me neither."

"Yup, came over on the same caravan as me. I think he was a royal messanger."


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