"Finally a true warlock hunter in Travance, too bad T'bal is long dead.  Better late then never... I guess?"

"I saw a necromancer burned at the stake just the other day, no trial or nothin.  If I were a mage I'd watch out, who knows if that poor charred corpse was even an evil necromancer!"

"I'm sick of thoses nobles! Three vassals of my ever so humble Lord came in and just started digging up my corn field!  What can I say though? I'm just a poor farmer..."

"Cardinal Haigan is coming to guide us to salvation! Valos be praised!"

"Wait a tick, they're training what in Pendarvin?"

"You're new to these parts, ain't yeh. Well listen carefully, there's these strange beasts around here that we call bullywugs. They're frog-men, kinda, and every year it seems like they come up further outta Dreaga'mire. A thievin' kind, and venomous to boot - my advice is to lock your door at night and sleep with one eye open. Spring is here and that means the young 'uns will be out raiding."

"It's going to be a nice spring. Just last week, I saw one of them dryads planting flowers along the treeline."

"Don't eat any of the fish! They've been diseased by something. An entire creek, festering with this red mold came in during the rain and it's killing everything!"

"They let orcs waltz right in and take my farm right out from under me! I'm taking what I can carry and moving to Drega'Mire where it's safe."

"Mages guild law my boot! Simthalas doesn't scare me... he's right behind me, isn't he?"

"Months ago we hear rumors of druids attacking the Londwynian camps in Drega'Mire and since then the Londies haven't made a peep. Maybe someone should make sure they're alright..."

"Dreaga'Mire is a joke of a land! The lord and a knight that are never around and they have 2 bumbling idiots for squires!  That poor Sir von Ritter, what a shame that he gets stuck with it all."

"Cardinal Haigan means well, but suffers eternally from a head injury and is actually delusional. His misguided teachings will bring down the church if we are not careful."

"Ya know, theres a suprising amount of rowdy and unpleasent folk around these parts spreading all kinds of crazy rumors.  You'd think the people of this land would be greatful that were not all dead."

"I say we round up a crew and search in every hole we can and FINALLY KILL EVERY LAST PHASE SPIDER IN THIS GODS FORSAKEN LAND! Where do they keep coming from!? It makes no sense!"

"You know what I just don't get Terrance?  Why is it that Lord Pyre, a man of great esteem, valor and dedication to his people, is merely a lord?  Way I sees it, it's about time a new Baron be named."

"Well I for one refuse to just sit around and let our homes be lost to those greenskin bastards!  What the nobles won't do for the people, we must do for ourselves!  Who's with me!?"

"Valos as my witness!  I seen that bear lumbering up to the chicken coop and when I git out there to chase 'im off, I sees it rotting right in front of me, but still walking, growling!  Barely made off with my life!  Since when do necromancer's waste their time with wild animals?"

"I've been saying it for a good long time and now the proof is sitting in our homes in Pendarvin; Mongomery is a piss-poor excuse of a Baron and the King should send him back to where ever it is he came from."

"Heard from a farmer down the way that the guards in Kaladonia had a heck of a time clearing out those ogre dens.  Said that people were attacked when traveling home from that chapel up there. Best be staying down south where it's safe."


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